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Steal the Gaze with a Perfect Pair of Jeans

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A pair of denim jeans has the potential to make or break a look. Hence, it is important to pick a right fit and style for yourself. We can always rely on a pair of jeans to save us from any wardrobe disaster. Today, the market is full of different denim styles. So, to enhance your shopping experience, Auburn Umbrella brings you a guide to buying the perfect pair of jeans befitting your body type.

1. Form-fitted Jeans
Also known as skinny jeans, this kind fits and extenuates your curves from every slant and angle. They are most suitable for petite or hour-glass bodied women with slim legs.

2. Cropped Skinny Jeans
They are much similar to the form-fitting pairs, except these come in ankle-length. Some have, adding to the aesthetics and the latest trend, a fold near the ankles.

3. Bootcut Jeans
New bootcut or the bell-bottoms are fancier and a lot more loved than the earlier retro trends. Bootcut design gives great fit till the knees, and then the fabric subtly opens after the calf muscles which gives you the perfect flare above your shins. Though bootcut suits all body types, but it looks the best on curvy bodies.

4. Boyfriend Jeans
People started calling these boyfriend jeans because they look like they were borrowed from boyfriends. These are tight near the waist and the hip area, and then broaden a little bit as they move down. This style ideally looks good if you are curvy or have a pear-shaped body. Avoid if you are petite.

5. Straight-fit Jeans
Straight-legged jeans are the perfect answer to the dilemma of skinny vs boyfriend jeans. They make your legs look longer than they are and suit all body types.

6. High-waisted and Low-waisted Jeans
In the recent times, high-waisted jeans have become very popular both within the street style as well as in high fashion. If you’re petite and curvy, then this style will make you look taller while enhancing your curves. Low-waisted jeans were in fashion for a long time in the past decade. This pair looks good on skinny girls.

7. Mom Denims Jeans
This style is basically a refined version of boyfriend jeans. They are high waisted and the cut makes the buttocks appear disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter than they otherwise might be. It readily suits all body types.

8. Distressed Jeans
Ripped jeans, not of the DIY variety, will almost always look awkward if you’re too short or too tall for the regular styles. For instance, if you’re on the shorter side, a cool rip in the knee might hit you somewhere on your calf should. While if you’re too tall, then a knee rip might end up on your thigh. This uber cool variety needs careful measurements to give the desired look.



Feature Image Credits: I Draw Fashion

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