Spade, Shivaji College: Session on Freedom and Liberalism

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SPADE, the socio economic society of Shivaji College, University of Delhi, organised a Policy Dialogue session on the topic “Economic Freedom and Liberalism” in association with Centre for Civil Society on 26th October 2017. The seminar covered various aspects of liberalisation and economic freedom and a different perspective was kept forward.

People attending the event
People attending the event

The session started with Mr. Mitra introducing a quiz, an exercise that tests the political inclination of a person. He then explained the concept of economic freedom and brought to notice the events of 1991 where the Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation policy was introduced.

He talked about the global economic freedom levels where India ranks at 95 and how the lack of political stability affects the freedom levels. He drew out different parameters that affect the economic freedom of a country such as the protection of civil rights and political rights, the ease of doing business, world Competitive Index, Global Hunger and Press Freedom. Stating “Democracy is not a majority rule, it is the right to respect and protect those in the minority, it is a process, a negative feedback check” he explained how India has come down from being a full democracy to a flawed democracy.

Talking about liberalism he mentioned about the Right to choose and Right to Property and how it has a deep impact on the global Liberalisation. He emphasized drawing the relationship between the Right to Property and the historic disputes stating “75% of civil court cases are property disputes”. The event marked a great success for the society.

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