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AUBURN UMBRELLA: Let’s Switch to Eco-Friendly Clothing

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In a world where every piece of plastic ever produced still lies somewhere in the garbage dumps, the stomachs of unaware animals, or in our oceans, where it  chokes aquatic life, fabrics like polyester and nylon only add to the degradation of the environment. Polyester and nylon, which constitute 60% of the textile fabrics produced, are called micro plastic and add to the non-biodegradable waste. India has taken a step ahead and roads are now being constructed by using plastic waste. So let us do our bit and take a step forward by changing our standards of fashion. Here are the best 5 eco-friendly fabrics to switch to:

Organic Cotton

Unlike normal cotton, organic cotton uses less water and no pesticides during its harvest. Also, since the farmers have to incur less cost due to minimal inputs, it does not cost as much as popular notions would have you believe. It feels the same as normal cotton and also helps us do our bit in contributing to sustainable living. You can find t-shirts, kurtis, dresses, and comfortable airy pants of various brands, both online and offline. Linen Produced from the fibres of flax plant, linen allows your skin to perspire during those warm days and keeps you cool. The clothes last long because the fibre is strong and the fabric is biodegradable. Linen shirts, pants and dresses give you the chic-casual look and gives you the breezy vibe. Just the perfect clothing you need on a long day of work/college.


It is one of most environment-friendly fabrics available, which is also resistant to pesticides or chemical fertilisers. It requires very little water for its growth. Save water, save earth; remember? It is also very durable, only demanding a bit more of your time and attention in terms of maintenance. However, it makes up for it with the variety of outfits which you can choose from: those breezy dresses, pants, scarves socks and much more.


Clothes made from bamboo fibre are grown without any pesticides and the bamboo plant takes merely 9 months to grow requiring an all natural environment. Thus, the fibre turns out to be soft and the clothes smooth on your skin. Yoga pants for women, shirts, socks and much more are made from bamboo yarn.

These clothes may be more expensive than your normal jeans and tees, but changing  habits is for the good for the environment and our animals.

All of these fabrics last longer than the cheap clothes which you wear only 4-5 times before throwing them out. Instead, the next time you come across clothes that you no longer require, donate them to the neighbourhood’s underprivileged children, or your maid. You can even donate to your respective colleges’ NSS wings or Enactus as they are constantly in touch with various NGOs. Let us change the way in which we deal with our waste or purchase and save our Earth.


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