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5 Tips to Crack Society Interviews

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WhatsApp constantly buzzing with promotional messages, attractive posters adorning all corners of college walls, seniors giving their first-hand experience of being a part of xyz society; this is the auditions season. The most integral part of a DU students’ life, college societies bridge the gap between academics and fun. You get exposure and learn how to apply theoretical concepts in real life, while creating everlasting bonds and memories with fellow society members.

Consequently, it is a prudent decision to apply only for the societies you want to associate yourself with. Following are a few tips that might help you crack an interview of the society of your choice:

  1. Be Confident. This adage needs to be reiterated several times as it is extremely important. Your confidence level indicates your preparedness to take up new tasks and creates a positive first impression on the interviewers. Along with content, you are judged on the basis of the clarity of your thoughts and the way you present yourself. At the same time, nervous anticipation is healthy and definitively an indicator of your seriousness towards the society. When nervousness takes over confidence, it spells misfortune.
  2. Objectivity and honesty-the key words. A self-appraisal is necessary, but not if it’s irrelevant to your position. It’s painfully obvious when a student beats about the bush or exaggerates a small achievement. Similarly, white lies and gross irregularities between what you say and what you wrote in the application form can land you in trouble.It’s best to stick to the question and answer it short and crisp.
  3. Do your Research. Be it an interview for the entrepreneurship cell, Enactus, photography society, or the quiz society, you need to research thoroughly. Researching gives you an overview of the society’s past projects and achievements and ensures that you appear as an interested and serious candidate. It gives you an edge over other prospective members and lets you know if the society is active and worth your time.
  4. Break away from the clichés. Everyone swears by the rehearsed introduction and prepares for questions beforehand. It’s alright if the preparation entails a rundown of what you will be saying, but not rehearsing set answers. Since the interviewers are students too, they look forward to students who break the monotonous nature of the interview process. If you have something fresh to say, like a question or a reasonable suggestion, you will at least be remembered among the sea of potential members.
  5. Apply only if you are genuinely interested.A lot of societies now take in students regardless of the student’s experience in it, provided they show commendable enthusiasm to learn and contribute in the process. If you intend to join a society just to add value to your CV, it will be a fruitless effort. Apply only if you are passionate or genuinely interested and feel that your constructive energies will be better utilised.




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