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A Guide to Cracking the Freshers’ Contest

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The atmosphere of colleges across the University of Delhi is thick with the repeated mention of freshers’ parties. Conversations reek of both anticipation and bewilderment; two sentiments that newbies are naturally good at emoting, especially so when the takers for the Ms. /Mr. Freshers’ title are so many.

It is more than just okay to want to win the contest because a little adulation does go a long way. Here’s a list of things that you need to keep in mind if you’re in the running to become the Ms. / Mr. Fresher of your college!


  • Stick to the theme: It is absolutely necessary for you to adhere to the theme of the freshers’, if at all there is any. When the Students’ Union along with the able assistance of the advisory board comes up with a theme, after a lot of contemplation, that is, it expects compliance for the same. If you fail to abide by the theme, chances are that you will lose your eligibility as a potential candidate.
  • Preliminary research on the theme: A Freshers’ contest comprises of several rounds, one of which might be a theme specific question and answer round. Just so you are not caught off guard, acquaint yourself well with the theme. For example, if you happen to have a comic-themed freshers’ party, then it is imperative that you know, what building served as the original headquarters for the Fantastic Four and other questions of the like.
  • Maintain a sartorial splendor: Everyone is excited for the Freshers’; so much that their enthusiasm is palpable even from a distance but the thrill must be such that can be contained or it is likely to lead to a wardrobe disaster. Some people tend to let their exhilaration lead them astray. It is important to look tasteful. A wedding makeover is not what the freshers’ demand; rather a subtle stroke of light make up, coupled with a sartorially pleasing piece of clothing, is probably what it does. It is always important to suit the requisites and not go overboard.
  • Hone your skills: A freshers’ contest is incomplete without a show of the various talents. It is necessary/advised for you to have one specialised skill, at the very least. However, as much as it is important to possess an innate (or acquired) ability, honing the same stands at equal footing with its possession. It is always advisable to prepare well, or think, in advance for this round in particular.
  • Be confident: It is the most clichéd advice in the world but also the most significant one. Self-assurance stands head and shoulders above the rest; word has it that a great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy. (Vivica A. Fox) If you are in the running to become the Ms. /Mr. Fresher, it is an obligation for you to have faith in yourself and your abilities as an individual contestant. Everyone is a little scared but what is important is to not let the agitation show. The focus should be on showcasing the best version of yourself out there, regardless of how much better or worse your fellow competitor is because trust me, everyone is just as new to that moment as you are.



  • Don’t fret: It is essential for you to understand that the panel in front of you is basing its judgment on how well you carry yourself and how bold your personality is. Faintheartedness is very easy to spot and can severely affect your chances of winning. In order to leave an impression on the jury, it is important that you gulp down the nervousness. Even during the question and answer round, make sure to not let your fear get the better of you. Let your conviction speak for itself.
  • Don’t be brash: While it is okay to be assertive, it is not, to be foolhardy. Everyone has their own set of beliefs and convictions and it as much our responsibility as is theirs, to respect them. In situations involving an interaction with the panel, it is a requisition to be accommodating. It is both, disrespectful and reckless to disregard a perspective without hearing an articulate explanation of the same. Understanding the downsides of ideological coercion is paramount in this regard.
  • Don’t confuse it for a beauty pageant: I cannot lay enough emphasis on how absolutely necessary it is for everyone to know that Freshers’ is not a beauty pageant but a personality contest. It is something that should implicitly be understood but needs perpetual reiteration, nonetheless. The contest abides by a very well thought out criteria for selection, which accounts for pretty much everything with the exception of outward beauty. It is especially mandatory for people competing for the title to rid themselves of any pre-conceived notions of the like.

Having said all of the above, it is also always good to remember that freshers’ is meant for the sole purpose of enjoyment.  It is the beginning of a new year, rather a new life, and it should be dealt with just the same!



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