Uproar Stirs at SRCC After the College Fails to Act Against Student Who Assaulted a Teacher

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On Saturday, more than 100 students from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) decided to hold a sit-in protest against the inaction of the authorities. The contention was regarding the assault of a professor by a student of the same college, with the student getting support from the faculty and the alumni. The professor, Ashwani Kumar, was assaulted by a Global Business Operations student on July 14th, allegedly over the issue of low marks assigned to him by the professor. A FIR was lodged against the accused, Pradeep Phogat. What’s shocking is that the disciplinary committee of the college remained dormant and hasn’t taken any action relating to this matter as of yet.

Amol Singh Rasnal, one of the students in the protests quoted to the Times of India saying, “Professor Kumar is one of the most well-reputed faculty members of the college. He was attacked by a student during the course of discharge of his duties. Such incidents should not be tolerated and it is imperative for us to protest against them and force the college authorities into taking quicker actions.” The sit-in protest got approval from the college principal and had been publicized through the use of social media and classroom campaigns.

“The relationship between a student and a professor extends to questioning and challenging, but violent means are always condemnable,” quoted Anil Kumar, head of the department of Global Business Administration, to Times of India (TOI) while addressing the students. He further added, “What pains me is that the authorities could have taken immediate action against the accused, but failed to do so. It has been 15 days now. We need to force the disciplinary committee to take action sooner so that this incident acts as a deterrent. Such behavior is disruptive of the SRCC culture, and should not be perceived as a part of it.”

All present at the protest signed a letter demanding the expulsion of the student from Delhi University, along with a proper police investigation. This was signed and forwarded to the authorities.


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