DUSU ‘authorises’ private PG in North Campus, University Officials cry foul

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In a bizarre and never before witnessed move, the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) has issued a letter which reads: “DUSU hereby authorises Nanu Girls PG to promote their respective PG accommodation within the north campus. They are allowed to distribute pamphlets.” Furthermore, its letterhead bears the logo of the University of Delhi (DU). Meanwhile, Priyanka Chhawri, the office-bearer who issued the letter on behalf of DUSU, defended her stance as a well-intended measure to reach out to outstation students. However, the move seems not to have gone down too well with the University officials.

“No one can do such a thing. How can a university recommend a private accommodation? We will look into the matter,” commented a senior official in the proctor’s office, as reported by The Indian Express. The officials seem to have been unaware of the decision. Meanwhile, Chhawri is adamant in denying the allegations that her personal “stakes” are involved in any way, seeing as the letter promotes Nanu PG specifically. “If other PGs approach me, I will look into it,” she says. She maintains that this is her way of “helping” the hapless parents and students sending her repeated queries, asking her for details regarding “good” and “affordable” paying guest accommodations in the vicinity of north campus.  Meanwhile, other DUSU office bearers have denied having any knowledge of the same.

With the admission process already delayed and a row being created over the availability of seats in some colleges, this fiasco comes across as yet another obstruction in the way of the not-so-smooth sailing admission season. For many of the unsure, unfamiliar outstation students, life in DU is still an uncharted territory. It is a race to the finish line involving both parents and students, which does not end merely at getting admission into a college. With few hostel seats available, feasible accommodation remains a major source of worry and hassle for many. In these times, a callous move coming especially from a body of responsibility such as DUSU, comprising of representatives elected by and for the students, reflects poorly on the student organisation’s management of the admission season. If anything, it seems to add to the chaos and has the potential to leave the university officials red-faced.


Delhi University Student Union(DUSU) has come out with an official statement saying that the Union is against the system of private accommodation in the University. It further stated that DUSU is committed to fighting for an increase of University Hostels seats and aims to provide University accommodation to as many students as possible.

Copy of the permission of the letter
Copy of the permission of the letter

With inputs from The Indian Express.



Feature Image Credits: Srivedant Kar for DU Beat


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