The Road to a Satisfactory Result

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Is your mind perturbed by the painful woes of passing/doing well? Here are our pearls of wisdom which might help you in steering this turbulent flight!

Wavering perseverance, faltering ambitions, and innumerable existential crises – welcome to college, where everything is not merry and wonderful. Owing to the human virtue of futuristic thinking, the journey through the months of November and May are spent foreboding the day the results would be out and your misery would be enhanced. To alleviate the stress and grapple with the boulders which might lie on your way, here’s a beginner level guide on how to navigate the worrisome cycle of examinations.

  1. Knowing the breakup of your grading system are the baby steps you need to take. Amidst your core papers, generic elective, and ability enhancement compulsory courses, the Choice Based Credit System can often lead to ambiguity regarding it all. Out of the 100 marks of a paper, 25 marks shall be credited to the Internal Assessments category and 75 marks to the Theory Examination. Out of the 25 marks, the ideal division of marks entails 10 marks for assignments, 10 marks for test, and 5 marks for attendance. This breakup might vary between courses and college.
  2. Valuing every mark is of essence. The main theory examinations are uncertain and have a penchant for surprising students. However, the opportunity to score presents itself in the form of the internal assessments; a hurdle which can be manoeuvred around. The tests and assignments have us exhausted and vexed by the end, but a dash of time management and effort can enhance your success recipe. The five marks of attendance which ultimately are not achieved can also make a difference in the total result.
  3. All play and no work makes Jack an on-the-verge-of-flunking-and-asking-for-notes-from-the-class-topper boy. Between the fest, farewell, and other sources of merriment, try to squeeze in the occasional study schedules.While every semester begins with high ambitions and ends with emerging unsuccessful at those and forming new ones, try to make this semester ‘the one where you soared high’.
  4. Between those extra classes and morning lectures lies the perpetual conundrum of every student of acquiring notes. Before you proceed to purchase the handy guides of your respective courses, the effort to self-study and comprehend what your education entails is more important than you can comprehend. Once you attain a full set of notes from every source of existence, try to connect the dots and begin the journey. Your teachers are your best friends during these troublesome times; hence, utilise their acquaintance and refer to their preparation strategies if needed.


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