When in May: Of Nostalgia and Stress

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Welcome to the month of post-farewells and dreadful exams, when cheer is lost and nights are muddled with syllabus crams. Prepare yourselves; for the night is dark and full of terrors!

Home to innumerable panic attacks. The ground zero of anxious forebodings. The terminating station and commencing point of a plethora of journeys. For students within the college circumference of their lives, May is the month of examination woes and much more!

It’s a curious observation that a certain 31 days could be so diversely perceived by the populace, and can also be the foundational block of a confluence of emotions. Cut to the beginning of the month when the farewell fervour is slowly fading away, and everyone collectively (and unwillingly) makes an endeavour to return to the study mode. Waves of nostalgia and tears of goodbyes have been drowned in the expansiveness of the syllabus. The excitement of attire selection and the assimilation of the reality is slowly digested, as the first of May is reflected on our calendars.

For the seniors, the transition from bidding goodbyes to welcoming late nights perturbed by piling notes goes downhill by the incessant questions alluding to your future. Unwelcome concerns of “Job nahi mili abhi tak?” or “Aur padhke kya karoge?” have been consciously heard and ignored. The stress to ace the final annual examinations of your three-year journey, is however, met with a nostalgic familiarity. You might have appeared for your first semester exams unaware of the course and then slightly escalated the degree of preparation. And as you sit for tests which might have a bearing on where you end up in the next few months, the pressure to perform is higher than ever.

Let’s change the lens and visualise the April-successor month from the eyes of the first and second years. Exhaustion becomes them as they wrap up the multiple Department, Society, and College Farewells for the outgoing students. Weeks of relentless efforts to deliver a successful farewell are followed by weeks of stressing over the vast syllabus you’re oblivious of. While some may choose to dedicate the post-exam period to trips and generally whiling away time, others may begin an internship hunt in May to be able to land a good opportunity in the Summer vacations. The stress to score well is coupled with the woes of doing a rewarding summer internship, and hence, May becomes the focal point of worries.

As you prepare to board the plane to Examvillein the next couple of days, absorb the maelstrom of emotions capturing your heart and don’t surrender to the pressure. The innumerable memories which college presents you with is there to stay forever, and what you make of the next few weeks will affect you in varying degrees.

It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be worrisome. It’s going to be vexing. Are you ready for the showdown?


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Saumya Kalia

[email protected]

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