BAZINGA: Teachers blame bad handwriting of students for late exam results

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In typical University of Delhi fashion, exam results for the previous semester were released late, almost two months after the exams ended. Students were so nervous for their results during the long gap that most of them even forgot that they’d given an exam in the first place!

DU Beat investigated the matter with the intention of writing a scorching article criticising the effete administration but learned that all the teachers who had corrected the exam scripts now unanimously blame the bad handwriting of students for delaying the declaration of results.

According to Professor Soandso from Mata Kali College, “Before I started correcting the answer scripts, my eye power was +2, now it has increased to +2.5! I don’t think we get paid enough to scrutinise the scribbling of students for almost 5 hours straight every day during the correction period.” When asked why the second year results were declared the latest, she said, “Because their handwriting was the worst!” She seemed so flustered at even the mention of answer scripts that no further interrogation was possible.

Many members of the Delhi University Teachers’ Association have pleaded to the university to increase their payment for correcting the scripts, or better yet, to install a computer software that will aid them in deciphering the almost code-like handwriting of students.

DU Beat recommends to all students reading this to make efforts to improve their scripts or wait for another two months, as is customary, for their DU results.

Disclaimer: Although when it comes to Delhi University, almost anything is possible, our Bazinga column of believably fake news is to be enjoyed and not to be believed!

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Swareena Gurung

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