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In recent years, concerns regarding the evaluation process and its transparency have become increasingly common among University of Delhi students and faculty members. An increasing number of instances of faulty results, in which students are marked zero or absent even though they appeared for the exam, leaves these students with little choice but to seek reevaluation and pay high fees. Students are adversely impacted by the late announcement of revaluation results and the lack of effective grievance redressal.

 University of Delhi, India’s one of the most premier public universities, attracts students from all backgrounds. With more than 90 colleges, 500+ programmes and almost 19 lakh students enrolled in different regular, open, certificate and diploma courses. With such strength, the process of evaluation and declaration of result is undoubtedly challenging. However, it is essential for universities to maintain a fair, unbiased and transparent assessment.

In recent years, there have been an increasing number of cases of errors in results in which students are graded zero or absent despite having taken the exam. Students who face such problems are typically advised to request for revaluation by paying a fee of 1000 rupees. However, there is no transparency in this process. Some of the key complaints of students include poor grievance redressal, late release of results, rejection of forms if any information is found to be wrong without notifying the applicant, and so on.

More than 100 pupils received a zero in English in 2012. A similar incident occurred in October of last year, when over 400 students from the faculty of law were marked zero or absent, provoking complaints from student groups. Many final-year UG students received zero or were marked absent in their OBE (Open Book Examination) results in 2020.

How can one get a zero in the open book format where we were allowed to use books? I have already taken admission in an MBA programme in a private institute in Pune and my family also took a bank loan of ₹16 lakh for my higher education. I have to submit my final-year mark sheets by November 10. They won’t allow me to join with this result. I applied for revaluation but I do not know how much time the university will take to declare the results. I am extremely anxious about my future”, says Yogendra Jaisawal, a student of Batch’20 from Rajdhani College in an interview in Hindustan Times

Not just regular students, but also SOL (School of Open Learning) students, experienced comparable challenges. Last September, Students from SOL’s B.Com and B.Com(Hons) programmes protested against faulty results.

They (DU) have made this mistake. They say that it could be anybody’s fault so we can go for re-evaluation after paying Rs 1,000. Where do we get Rs 1,000 from? In SOL, most students, including myself, come from humble backgrounds. We have already paid for our exams and books, though we haven’t received the latter yet”, Pushpendra, Delhi University in an interview on The Quint

 Students raised similar problems this year when the semester 4 and 6 results were released in July 2023. Many students from Zakir Hussain College received zeros in “Auditing and Corporate Governance” and “Fundamentals of Investment”. The pattern in these cases is that students with successive roll numbers received zero marks in the same papers.

In other papers, I received 7 GRPT. How can I get a 0? How could someone fail a theory paper unless they left it blank? This ruined my whole CGPA”, a student from Batch’23 of Zakir Hussain College. 

Students generally complain about the administration’s behaviour at the examination branch. Usually, students have to wait for extended periods of time since no one is seated at the window. Not only that, but students complained that they attempted to contact the examination branch through email or phone for an update on their revaluation, but no one responded to their emails or texts.

We asked the officers seated on the next window, 2-3 times. We informed him that we had been waiting for 25 minutes. He replied rudely, ‘Wait, there only’.”, a postgraduate student

The issue is not only the evaluation or the student being marked zero or absent and forced to pay 1000, but also the way the revaluation procedure works.

The revaluation guidelines read “If the award of the first revaluator is beyond ± 5% and up to ± 10%, the average of the marks of the original examiner and the first Revaluator will be taken.” Does this mean that incorrectly marked zeros will also be counted when computing my grades? If so, it is completely unjust. That was the fault of the university, not mine”, a student of Hansraj College. 

The release of revaluation results is a separate issue. In some cases, revaluation results of students get released after a year. Many students of Batch’24 who were graded faulty score of zero or absent say that they are ineligible to apply for placements in their colleges as a result of this error in their marksheet.

An RTI application revealed that between 2015-16 and 2017-2018, the University of Delhi earned more than 3 crore rupees in fees from students for rechecking, revaluation, or providing photocopies of their answer scripts.

According to the information provided by the university, it earned Rs 2,89,12,310 for revaluation alone between 2015-16 and 2017-18. During the same period, it earned Rs 23,29,500 for rechecking and Rs 6,49,500 for providing students copies of answer-scripts evaluated”, Reports The Indian Express

 Such mistakes and technical flaws are possible. However, the number of these cases has considerably grown in recent years. Such mistakes have an impact on a student’s career as well as their mental health. A transparent evaluation and revaluation procedure is of the utmost importance right now. To fix such errors, the institution should devise a quick and simple procedure. Not everyone can afford to spend such large sums only to correct faults created by the institution. As one of the largest and prominent central universities, DU should devise simple and effective solutions for resolving student issues.

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Dhruv Bhati

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Students of English Honours report several inconsistencies in the recently announced odd – semester results. Administration and archaic evaluation process blamed. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, another complication has arisen in the lives of several Delhi University students. There has been a gross dip in the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) of several students of BA (H) English. They suspect foul play on the part of the administration as well as a hasty evaluation process that has been tampered with.

DU Beat contacted various students of BA (H) English. Several students reported their grievances regarding discrepancies in the odd-semester university result. As per a final year student, students from various colleges observed a drop in their semester result this year. “The uncanny thing to be noticed is that it has happened in all the colleges around Delhi University. In my college, we have formed a group in which we are analysing if there are any common papers in which the result has dropped and till now, we do see a pattern. Secondly, we don’t know who checked our papers and how they were evaluated and how all of a sudden, the result came out. Some teachers have agreed that the marks dropping down for everyone means something is definitely fishy and as students, it’s our right to know about it. Given the situation, where we don’t know if we have our final exams and Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) saying they’ll be using 50% of last semester marks in the worst-case scenario, that’s why we are worried. For any final year student, this is a matter of serious concern because we don’t know what the academic future holds for us and we clearly don’t wish to give up on papers in which we put in so much hard work”, she explained.

A third-year literature student who reached out to DU Beat said that unfair marking has been done. Their teachers have informed them that this is due to the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) protests and non-availability of professors for evaluation. GPAs have been below average or above average this semester. The students who were supposed to get 7 or 7.5 got 6 or below in some colleges.

In conversation with DU Beat, Abha Dev Habib, treasurer of Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) said, “It’s extremely unfortunate students have to go through this. The objective of DUTA Strike was to create a dialogue about the mistreatment and injustices faced by the teachers and workers of the University. The administration treated the evaluation boycott callously, and these are the consequences of the same. Moreover, under the existing Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), if the evaluation of papers yields marks with a low mean, it’s the moderation of the results that need to be done judiciously. It’s clear that along with faults in evaluation, there have been fallacies in moderation as well.”

A professor from the Department of English told DU Beat, “Well, what has gone wrong is the University administration. It forced all associations of the university to take drastic and rather unwanted steps which ultimately resulted in the inordinate delay of the results. For example, owing to the corner into which the University administration forced its entire teaching community, the evaluation of the last semester’s scripts were put off track. That said, it will be rather difficult for me to say if all English Honours students, across the university, have suffered depreciation in their marks because I don’t have the requisite data in any official capacity. But, as I said, if anything has gone wrong, the blame lies with the way Delhi University treats its participants: students, the teaching faculty, and the non-teaching staff. If the students are suffering it is because of the callousness of the university.”

Jiniya Saha, a second-year student of English Honours at Gargi College has suffered grievously due to the mismanagement of the University results. She told DU Beat, “I didn’t get my result. The server is still showing “Sorry! No records found” in the DU Statement of Marks website. I have submitted my assignments and written all my exam papers properly. When I complained about the same, I was told to wait for an unprecedented period of time till the college re-opens. We all know that after half a month of result declaration the web-based transcript crashes and all students are thereby advised to take a print out as a hard copy.” It’s however clear, that she is not the only student who is in a tough spot due to tampering of the evaluation cycle.

Due to the pandemic and ongoing lockdown as well as shutdown of the university, students are urgently taking steps in their capacity by reaching out to teachers about the fallacies and tampering of results. A first-year student said, “I have a list of marks of my class and we think this may be a case of mass checking. We’ve forwarded the marks to our teacher. She will study them and let us know if that’s the case.” She also pondered upon submitting her answer sheets for revaluation but admitted that she was unaware about the procedure and whether it will be altered due to the pandemic or not. A WhatsApp group of aggrieved students from the university has been formed and more than 250 students have joined it till now. The group intends to release a petition on behalf of the student community soon.

While the students are disappointed and dejected at the way things have played out, they sincerely hope the administration will hear their grievances out and take timely and just action so that their plans for future endeavours are not hindered.

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Paridhi Puri
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The Delhi High Court has finally sought the response of Delhi university, on a student’s plea to seek results of her Economics fifth semester results.

A final year student of Economics hons., Daulat Ram College, Delhi University was accused of cheating in one of her examinations, by carrying some notes in her pouch. The student claimed of appearing in all the examinations and in the ‘International Trade’ exam, held on 3rd December 2019, she got late due to traffic and mistakenly carried some notes in her pouch. She says of informing the invigilator when she realised, and was ready to surrender them, despite which she wasn’t allowed to continue with her exam. Till the time a fresh answer sheet arrived the time for the examination got over.

A show cause notice was issued to her, on 12th March and her entire examinations were cancelled. Agitated by this she filed a petition in court, seeking assessment and result of all the four examinations she appeared for. The student further claimed of making representations to the university but receiving no response in return. She said of getting no hearing before cancelation of her exams, the results of other students of the same course has already been declared. As per the invigilator’s allegation, the girl was indulged in cheating and hence was rightfully debarred.

The university council submitted of the woman not filing any reply to the show cause notice, or seeking a personal hearing. It further said of being under lockdown, hence needing more time for records retrieval, to file before the court. The court considering the woman to be a meritorious student, and admitting of her not receiving any hearing with respect to the show cause notice, declared to consider her request of revealing the results of her other three papers, in the next hearing on 11th May.

“Accordingly, at this stage, the respondent (DU) is permitted to file a counter affidavit along with the relevant documents within a period of two weeks. On the next date, the University of Delhi shall also place in a sealed cover before this court the result of the other three examinations where the petitioner (student) had appeared in her fifth semester,” said justice Pratibha M Singh.

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Kriti Gupta

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The University of Delhi (DU), has announced that the odd semester (August-December) examination results will be declared on 27th January 2020, on the University website.

With the even semester of Under-Graduate (UG) students already commenced, an official statement was issued on 26th January, 2020, by the Vice Chancellor, of the University of Delhi, Yogesh K Tyagi, stating that the correction process of these examinations is now over and the results for the same will be declared on Monday, post 11 pm. The results will be posted online on the University website (du.ae.in).

“Despite the issues faced by the University regarding the ad-hoc professors in the month of December, the declaration of the results was not delayed as late as was anticipated,” quoted, Professor K.R. Mennai of Hindu College.

Candidates appearing for B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, B.B.A, etc.examinations will have to log in the official website with their registration number and password where they can check their scores and can also apply for revaluation via the links on the site. The Varsity will also release the result for the School of Open Learning (SOL) on its official website. Candidates can download the result once it is declared.

Students must cross-check their examination results in order to avoid mis-match of information. Any query can be taken up to their respective college’s administration. Those students unsatisfied with their marks can apply for revaluation. For this, students have to apply online along with the payment of a nominal fee. The revaluation result will be declared within a month of application submission. For further details regarding the same, college administration must be consulted.

Students who fail the examination can opt for a back paper or supplementary examination. Supplementary examinations allow students to reappear for the exam in the following semester so as to improve their grade and gain an overall pass. However, it may not be available for all subjects. A list of the same can be found on the University’s official website.

Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is only to be appreciated and not accepted!

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Aditi Gutgutia

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In typical University of Delhi fashion, exam results for the previous semester were released late, almost two months after the exams ended. Students were so nervous for their results during the long gap that most of them even forgot that they’d given an exam in the first place!

DU Beat investigated the matter with the intention of writing a scorching article criticising the effete administration but learned that all the teachers who had corrected the exam scripts now unanimously blame the bad handwriting of students for delaying the declaration of results.

According to Professor Soandso from Mata Kali College, “Before I started correcting the answer scripts, my eye power was +2, now it has increased to +2.5! I don’t think we get paid enough to scrutinise the scribbling of students for almost 5 hours straight every day during the correction period.” When asked why the second year results were declared the latest, she said, “Because their handwriting was the worst!” She seemed so flustered at even the mention of answer scripts that no further interrogation was possible.

Many members of the Delhi University Teachers’ Association have pleaded to the university to increase their payment for correcting the scripts, or better yet, to install a computer software that will aid them in deciphering the almost code-like handwriting of students.

DU Beat recommends to all students reading this to make efforts to improve their scripts or wait for another two months, as is customary, for their DU results.

Disclaimer: Although when it comes to Delhi University, almost anything is possible, our Bazinga column of believably fake news is to be enjoyed and not to be believed!

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Swareena Gurung

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th semester, in which 57 students failed sociology out of a total of 60 in Shivaji College. Not just in Shivaji, many off campus colleges such as Keshav Mahavidyala, Rajdhani College and Lakshmi Bai College have reported a similar result. 102 students out of 120 in Lakshmi Bai College and 20 out of 25 students in Keshav Mahavidlaya failed Sociology, all of whom had opted for it as their interdisciplinary course or CDC. This result from the University is being claimed to be erroneous, which will affect the aggregate of the final year students, who want to pursue higher studies after graduation, adversely. But as much as a shock it was for the students, they have decided to call for action and not helplessly accept a glitch in their results. As a result, there was a mass protest outside the office of the Dean,  Students’ Welfare, Professor J.M. Khurana on Monday, the 29th of June. It started at 9 in the morning and went on till at noon, when a few student delegates were called inside. A student delegate from Shivaji College, Bismee, said, “This result is a reckless mistake from the University and we only want the marks that we truly deserve in the subject. We have filed a written petition with the Dean’s office to revise our results and give us an answer at the earliest.” When asked about the behaviour of the authorities towards the issue, another student, Mitali told us that they were “indifferent” towards their plight. So far there has only been a bleak response, though it has not dampened the spirits of the protesters and there will be protests everyday till a clear decision has been reached. Bismee, one of the organisers of the protest, told DU Beat that he met the Dean of Students’ Welfare, who assured appropriate action over the issue. The students representatives are expected to meet the Dean again tomorrow. A major cause of such protest and unrest among students is that many of the affected students plan on getting a higher education, and such low marks are harmful for their aggregate score of all semesters. Ironically, students who have Sociology as their major have been marked well, and so it appears that a careless approach has been adopted for the students who opted for Sociology as their interdisciplinary course. Further, all the affected students have so far scored well in other subjects and have had 60% and above aggregate in all the preceding semesters. This fact has also fueled the rage around the University’s result and shocked many.   Image credits: Bismee Taskin Islam]]>

Just when you thought The Great Indian Education System couldn’t spring any more surprises, out comes DU’s first semester results. If 100% cut-offs for admissions raised eyebrows, these results are a whole new bolt from the blue. While the highest for English (Honours) was a never-heard-of-before 78%, three Economics (Honours) students top scored with a staggering 99 per cent.

Is this the dawn of a whole new era of the super-geeks in DU, or a people-pleasing attempt by the University board to show how well the semester system does for its students?

Ms Nandini, an Economics teacher from Miranda House certainly believes it is the latter, “It’s [99 per cent in Eco] absolutely shocking! These were not multiple choice type papers. The marks don’t show what actually went on in the classrooms, the kind of pressures on us. Teachers had specific instructions not to fail anyone. Internal assessment records had to be submitted before the terms ended! All this is just an attempt by the University to prove the efficacy of the semester system to everyone. The students are happy, but the University is only belittling the [Honours] degree! Oxford, other foreign schools won’t recognize us anymore!”

Mr. Krishan Kumar, another Economics teacher from Sri Venkateswara College, seemed less appalled, “This semester had the scoring papers – Maths, Statistics and Principles of Economics. The explanatory technical papers only begin the third semester onwards. Besides, though the highest score may be this much, number of first divisions in Maths is quite low.”

As for the students, several echo similar viewpoints. However, the overall mood of the community is one of gross disbelief.

Professors from colleges including SRCC, Miranda House and St Stephens are now even considering filing RTI applications to review the answer sheets of students who obtained the highest scores. Click here for the full story

Click here  for exclusive interviews of the Economics Honours toppers

Here are some of the student responses as expressed on Facebook…

Yes DU, we get it! The semester system is ‘perfect’! You don’t have to go CBSE to prove it

99% Ok…this aint the cut off for Srcc…but first sem’s highest score in eco(hons)…


?99 highest in eco. 80 and 90 percent distributed like langar

Dear DU,
I hope you’re also planning on being Santa in June.
Sincerely, 3rd year student who just got a half-hour lecture from her parents.

Ankita Dhanda
[email protected]