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Admission process at Delhi University likely to start early this year

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In continuation with its commitment to thunder bolts from the blue, Admission Committee, Delhi University recently came up with the proposal that will likely make admission process for the next academic season start by March instead of May/June this year. This news comes in succession to the plans of the university to introduce entrance tests for admissions to various Bachelors courses.

Although the decision has not been officially confirmed as yet and no dates have been released, but if sources are to be believed, the registration process shall start by the end of March, and the marks shall have to be updated as and when the results come out.

A professor from the South Campus of Delhi University shared his views with DU Beat about the same. He said, “In the light of recent announcements, this can be seen as one of those better after-plans. These two and a half months time would be crucial and sufficient for the preparations”

This amendment can be a response to the unnecessary conundrum in the admission process last year. The early registration process will give about two and a half months to students instead of the three weeks time which was given earlier. Though the entire online registration process shall most certainly remain the same as previous year, the extended period of registration will likely curb lawlessness and confusion to a significant extent.

Being still in the amorphous stage, It is still some time before this reform is implemented. “It will have to be approved by the academic council and executive council to be implemented,” Hindustan Times yesterday quoted an official as saying.  “If the policy gets the sustainable nods, this might prove a notable leap towards increasing the ease and efficiency of the admission process” according to an administrative staff member of a Delhi University college.

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