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Lately, Delhi University had drawn the ire of students for setting multiple goalposts in its post graduate admissions, nearly postponing the schedule twice. In a latest move, it has revised its admissions schedule for undergraduate merit based courses. In a newly published notice on the University website the admissions schedule for undergraduate courses have been revised and the first cut off list which was scheduled to be out on 20th June has been delayed to 24th June. The first cut offs and admissions for the same will now begin from 24th June and will continue till 28th June.

This would be followed by the second cut off, which will start admitting students from 1st July to 4th July. The third and fourth cut off will begin and end on 7th July to 10th July and 13th to 15th respectively.  The fifth cut off would be out on 18th July and will continue to admit students till 19th July. Other than the five cut off lists, further lists will be declared by the University based on the vacancy of seats in the colleges.

While the document verification and approval of admissions would continue from 9:30 AM to 1:30 AM in morning colleges, the timing for evening colleges is from 4PM to 7PM. After the admissions are approved, the applicant would be required to log in to the portal and pay the admission fees by the 12:00 noon of the next day of the given deadline.

This move will affect students who have not yet taken admissions in any other institute and are waiting for the cut offs. “It is quite frustrating as we already lost a lot of time, we are left unsure of joining any other universities for backup”, said Naimisha, an outstation student who has already planned her trip to Delhi.


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The most awaited and important news is here. University of Delhi has announced the admission schedule for the academic session 2017-2018.

The registration process for all programmes, including Sports, Extra Curricular Activities (ECA), Kashmiri Migrants, CW (Defense), and PwD categories, will be completely online.  The details of registration procedure will soon be updated online in the Bulletin of Information.

In a recent press release in the University of Delhi website, the following dates have been announced. The details of each program and its online registrations would start on these dates.

The dates of online registration for various programmes are:

      -Undergraduate Merit Based Programmes: 22nd May, 2017

      -Undergraduate Entrance Based Programmes: 31st May, 2017

      -Post Graduate Programmes: 31st May, 2017

      -M.Phil./Ph.D Programmes: 31st May, 2017

The last date to fill the admission form has not been finalised yet.

Now that the dates have been declared, it’s time to arrange all necessary certificates, documents and passport size photographs in place. Watch out this space for further details on admissions.

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Despite senior officials of the University earlier informing to media that the admission process would start by late April, the plan hasn’t taken off until now. Speaking to one of the newspapers, one senior official involved in the admission process informed that the admissions would mostly start by a week or two. The University is working to make the process smooth this time since the process is online. Last year, several glitches in the online process left students stranded on the first day the cut offs were declared.

The official also informed that University has some work left for admissions process and is checking the entire process to fix the last minute glitches so that the applicants don’t face any problem. “We’re still left with some work to do, including checking websites and servers since the process will be completely online. We need to make sure everything is in order and is functioning properly before we open admissions, otherwise it could lead to chaos. As a result, the admission process has been delayed. We are not sure when exactly admissions will begin, but we need at least a week or two more,” he said.

Earlier university had planned to conduct entrance exams for some of its honours courses like B.Com and B.A hons. Economics which was later scrapped.

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The University of Delhi (DU), which sees students from all across the world enrol into various courses, has decided to extend the deadline for the admission of foreign applicants. Every year, hundreds of aspirants from countries such as Afghanistan, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka apply to DU for courses such as Economics (Hons.), B.Com (Hons.) etc. in the undergraduate programme. This year, the University saw their number rise to a record 3,300. Thus, a conscious measure taken to extend the application deadline was required, in order to ease up the document submission and screening process.

Ashutosh Bhardwaj, a senior official of the admission committee, verified the news to MAIL TODAY. He said that while the deadline for admission to undergraduate courses for non-Indian students has been shifted to 4th May, the deadline for Ph.D. applications has also been extended to 31st May 2017. Earlier, the deadline for online applications for the upcoming academic session was 20th April 2017 for the undergraduate students. The new deadlines, as Bhardwaj confirmed, give students more time to submit their documents for verification. This step does, indeed, create an opportunity for both the students and the University to participate in the admission process and to make it a smooth and hassle-free affair.


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In a change brought about in its admission based on sport quota, Delhi University has decided to scrap the cemtralised fitness test for sports from the upcoming academic session. The fitness test, from this year onwards, would be based on a specific sport and will be held along with the trials of the corresponding sport.
The previous policy, which used the 50-50 formula, giving equal weightage to trials and certificates has now been changed giving 60% weightage to the trials and 40% to the certificates.

According to a senior university official, changes are being made in the admission process of the sports quota in order to make the process more transparent.

“This year, four types of changes have been made, including the decision to do away with the centralised fitness test and conducting a game-based fitness test. This would allow us to judge the fitness parameters of the student in that particular game/sport. Secondly, the weightage of the sports trial marks and certificates has been increased to 60 and 40 per cent respectively,” he said.

Furthermore, the trial test is divided into three sub-categories: game specific fitness test, overall playing ability, and test of fundamental skills of a sportsperson.

Another major change that has been brought about is that it would be mandatory to score at least 30 per cent out of 60 per cent marks. Trials will include points for sports, fundamental skills, and playing abilities. However, nothing has been decided about the number of points to be awarded for each level yet. Till last year, it was mandatory to get at least 25 in the 50 per cent weightage of the trial.

The fourth change is that the category-wise sports certificate list would now be made available in a ‘drop down’ menu divided into nine heads. The aspirants will just have to choose/mark the category under which his/her sport certificate lies, and will have to upload the scanned copy of the same online. The university will also make the verification of the uploaded certificate online.

Source: The Asian Age

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In continuation with its commitment to thunder bolts from the blue, Admission Committee, Delhi University recently came up with the proposal that will likely make admission process for the next academic season start by March instead of May/June this year. This news comes in succession to the plans of the university to introduce entrance tests for admissions to various Bachelors courses.

Although the decision has not been officially confirmed as yet and no dates have been released, but if sources are to be believed, the registration process shall start by the end of March, and the marks shall have to be updated as and when the results come out.

A professor from the South Campus of Delhi University shared his views with DU Beat about the same. He said, “In the light of recent announcements, this can be seen as one of those better after-plans. These two and a half months time would be crucial and sufficient for the preparations”

This amendment can be a response to the unnecessary conundrum in the admission process last year. The early registration process will give about two and a half months to students instead of the three weeks time which was given earlier. Though the entire online registration process shall most certainly remain the same as previous year, the extended period of registration will likely curb lawlessness and confusion to a significant extent.

Being still in the amorphous stage, It is still some time before this reform is implemented. “It will have to be approved by the academic council and executive council to be implemented,” Hindustan Times yesterday quoted an official as saying.  “If the policy gets the sustainable nods, this might prove a notable leap towards increasing the ease and efficiency of the admission process” according to an administrative staff member of a Delhi University college.

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