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Things Not to do While Preparing for Semester Exams

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As exam fever strikes the varsity, students find themselves overpowered by anxiety and frequent panic attacks. Time appears to be flashing away at double pace, and finishing the work burden within that period seems challenging. While focusing a lot on tips for nailing the same, we tend to overlook some important things that end up being detrimental for our scores. So, here’s a list of things that you should avoid, while you prepare to ace this semester.

Complaining and Procrastinating

That’s quite obvious that freaking out over abundance of course and limited time won’t change it in anyway. It might just waste your time and make you more frustrated and stressed out then before. At the same time, unnecessary delays will just cause more tension and anxiety.


Pulling consistent all-nighters

Pulling all-nighters doesn’t even seem like a big deal when it comes to giving university exams. But that is actually not recommended as it increases the stress level and makes your brain and body tired. Furthermore, consistent all-nighters might result into various health issues as the body tries to cope up with stress, change of sleep pattern and lack of mental rest. In many cases, sleeping proves to be better than studying all night.


Using social media platforms during breaks

It’s an automatic reaction for us to grab our cellphones and laptop the moment we decide to get off our books for a while. Browsing Facebook news feeds, putting Snap Stories about exam stress and starting random conversations distracts our brain to a considerable amount. No wonder, we end up feeling that the break time passed too soon. Social Media Platforms use more of our time and attention without us realising it.


Watching a TV series

No one will disagree to the fact that TV series are one of the most addictive things that can happen to anyone. During exam breaks, an idea of starting a new TV series will kill your focus levels and waste enormous time.


Stress Eating

With stress comes stress eating, and with that, come unhealthy habits. With a desperate attempt to stuff our brain with massive amount of information, we tend to munch on junk foods – high on carbs and sugar level. Such food items might provide temporary relief, but will end up causing lethargy and tiredness in the long term.


Thinking of post exam plans

Isn’t this one of our favorite topics to think about? While it seems like the sweetest escape from the brutal hell of exams, it ends up consuming a large portion of your time – making it even more hellish than before. No?



We are all well aware of the aforementioned points yet end up ignoring them. A constant reminder to self is extremely necessary as you plan to perform your best and pass another semester – Like a boss!

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