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The case of vilification of a university: Reporting from JNU

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A student organisation, certain sections of media, and a pliant Police Force have allegedly collaborated to defaming the best minds of the nation. Here we bring before a rather nefarious nexus of the RSS-ABVP-NDA in deification of their sabotaged nationalism, which no one has told you before.

As the semester draws to close, the great Indian conspiracy of the vilification of  Jawaharlal Nehru University, the premier bastion of sheer intellect and knowledge in the entire nation by the ABVP affiliate of the ruling NDA government aided by the amenable Police Force and certain biased television channels seeking sensationalism can be viewed as the most remarkable event in the intellectual circuits.

The entire orchestra had been aimed to malign the dreams of countless students to be a part of the institution which has produced the best of politicians, bureaucrats and scholars. Certain media houses earned huge TRP portraying certain students as terrorists, calling the university “den of desh-drohis” and oversimplifying things to the people of India as “a choice between the support to the sacrifice of Hanuman Thappa and these ‘anti-nationals’.”

Evidently,  this was a bitter pill to  swallow. After our countless detours around the campus, we came across students who had no record of political carrier to unbiasedly get to the roots.

“I have been keeping a close scrutiny right from day one. It all started when a group of 10 left leaning students organised a peaceful event in solidarity with the people of Kashmir. The event was about to start when a group of ABVP activists, with some Zee News people, started sloganeering against the gathering there, abusing them as “desh-drohi”.  As the slogan war got heated, some face-covered people joined in with the separatist slogans like ‘Bharat tere tukre honge, insa allah, insa allah’. They were immediately asked to stop by the organisers. They left into nowhere.” A postgraduate girl and her friends were quoted as saying, on the promise of being kept anonymous.

An internal conspiracy, about who those masked men were, still remains blurry and covered in layers even after repeated efforts. The government, rather than to act sincerely, repeatedly has resorted to its neo-nationalism rhetorics. Even now, after the mysterious death of J R Philemon Chiru, the Manipuri student, and the recent case of a student who has been missing since 13 days now:

“A kidnapping case has been filed against 4 ABVP activists. The Police has not interrogated the accused ones and not even started the basic enquiry. The administration is silence on the whole matter and no action has yet been taken on the whole issue.” A postgraduate students was quoted as saying today. “It is selective elimination”, her friend added.

“Mr. Narendra Modi needs to realise that by defaming institutions and instigating hollow nationalism, he cannot hide his failures. He has also got to check the spoiled brat in ABVP, which in addition to damaging the party beyond repair, is costing the nation it’s cultural fabric. ABVP can only lead to Kashmir like situation in the rest of the nation” said another anonymous faculty, waiting on the bus stand.

There is anger, resentment and scope for a better and in-depth analysis of the situation. The on-ground situation seems different and the take of the media seems opposite. We, as rational individuals must make a more informed choice.

Nikhil Kumar

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