Epidemic Time: Stay Safe, Yet Fashionable

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In a season where vector-borne diseases are spreading like wildfire, DUB tells you how to be cautious without compromising on your fashion ideals!

Every year during this period of the year, newspapers get flooded with cases related to dengue and chikungunya in the city. As political battles are drawn with blame game and municipal authorities go on a disaster control mode against these diseases, we bring to you what all you need to know and do to stay safe.

Dengue and Chikungunya are viral diseases which are spread by Aedes mosquitos. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the primary symptom of dengue is high fever, which occurs with at least two of the following symptoms: severe headache, severe eye pain, joint, muscle or bone pain, rash, mild bleeding from the nose or the gums, small spots caused by bleeding into the skin, and low white cell count. Chikungunya symptoms include high fever, severe joint pain, joint swellings, muscle pain, head-aches and rashes. It is mostly non-fatal.

You should follow certain precautions for prevention of these diseases:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Consume fluids
  • Get tested immediately if any of the above symptoms manifest themselves.
  • Use mosquito nets at home
  • Dab on mosquito repellant before leaving home
    Fashion tip: The market today is flooded with wonderfully fragrant repellant sprays and creams which can doubly perform the job of a perfume or deodorant spray
  • Wear long sleeves and pants to avoid being bitten.
    Fashion tip: Experiment with prints like plaids, stripes, polka dots and florals in terms of long sleeve shirts. Keeping your legs fully covered need not necessarily entail boring denim jeans as palazzos, long skirts and pajamas can be viable options too!
  • Keep your surroundings clean, and dispose of waste regularly.
  • Aedes mosquitoes – which transmit both dengue and chikungunya – breed in clean water so don’t let water stagnate anywhere in or near your home.
  • Mosquitos are attracted to dark colours, so avoid wearing dark-coloured clothes.
    Fashion tip: Bring out those pretty pastels and whites while you still can. Come winter, you’ll anyway be stuck with greys, blacks and maroons!
  • Don’t wear tight clothes, for mosquitoes find it easier to bite through tight-fitting garments.
    Fashion tip: Opt for Pakistani kurtis, maxi dresses, oversized tees, sport jerseys and boyfriend jeans and make a statement while still being safe!


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