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Innovation Project: Application for Travel Convenience, Shivaji College

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The students and faculty of Shivaji College have undertaken innovation project SHC-309 – Real Time Android Application for Travel Convenience. The students working on the project belong to various courses like B.Tech., Computer Science, and Economics.

Team : Prabhat Kumar, Shuchita Garg, Himanshu Anand, Shubham Goyal, Mukul Yadav, Akash Bhatt, Shivani , Enakshi, Shreya, Hariom

Mentor: Mr. Kamlesh Yadav

B.Tech students were engaged in the development work whoch involved designing user interface, navigation drawer and filter window. Enormous data was needed for populating the app. Hence, a data collection group was formulated. They worked effortlessly to gather data across the city.

Parking has become a problem in Delhi-NCR regions, not because there isn’t much parking space in the region but because there are only a few that people know of, making it really hard for people to find parking near their destination, forcing them to park on roads and thus, sometimes restricting space for traffic flow.

USHER, the Android app developed by the students, aims to provide an integrated solution for travel convenience, with an emphasis on providing information regarding nearby parking locations, garages and fuel stations in Delhi. The application aims to allow users to filter the parking space available on various parameters such as fare, distance from destination or the user’s current location, types of parking available, and also helps them navigate to their desired parking locations. It will also provide information on public parking, that is, those under control of DMRC and Municipal Corporations, which various other applications have failed to provide. The application also helps in locating and navigating to nearby garages in case of a break down. Users can refine their search based on different parameters. Work is in progress to add fuel stations to the app.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play store:

Guest Post by members of SHC-309

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