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Life at Delhi University: The Music Society

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  • Building Bonds that go beyond Verbal Communication:  As is rightly said by Henry Longfellow, “music is the universal language of Mankind” and the music society is the perfect example of this statement. We all hail from different states, eat different food, have different cultural backgrounds and speak different languages which at times becomes a barrier in initiating a conversation and befriending each other. For that matter, A Punjabi girl (trained in Jazz guitar) might have some troubles bonding with a Keralite guy (a trained Carnatic vocalist) and won’t have many things in common when it comes to having a verbal communication. But both of them would be equally enchanted and amused when the jazz guitarist jams to the Carnatic Symphonies establishing a bond that transcends the cultural divide.
  • Team work: This notion might not sound as exclusive to the music society as the previous one, but trust me, it is. Music forms like acapella performances which include a group of 10-20 vocalists performing together without any instrumental aid, requires immense coordination. Unlike a pyramidal structure which has its base as the most crucial part, an acapella has a musical structure as dynamic and fragile as a house of cards where every singer has an equally important role to play to maintain the overall balance. ( One mistake and, Pffftt!)
  • What you do is also your means of recreation:  Unlike certain societies where people, after hours of working, take breaks to relax, we do something we’ve been doing for hours already. We play more. So it’s very common for musicians to break into random jamming sessions and have a small fling, playing their favourite melodies when they wish to take a break.
  • You may also find your Alter Ego:  We tend to like and connect with people with similar tastes in literature, sports etc. Every musician has his or her unique way of composing and improvising. But the moment you realize that the person you’re jamming with has a similar composing / improvising sense, you tend to have an inexplicable chemistry, an instant connection which often, later establishes and compliments strong friendships.
  • Altercation regarding grants and equipment:  An integral part of the music society is pleading for grants and permission to use college’s sound equipment, auditorium etc. You’re really lucky if you have cooperative cultural secretaries but if not, boy! you’re going to have a tough time!
  • Being a part of the music society demands commitment in terms of practice routines. It demands discipline and often causes discomfort at times, as you have to practice in public places, in the scorching heat even when colleges are closed. (And also Because A/C Jampads charge money.) But what it gives you in return is much more than it asks for. A family like experience, great musical minds to work with and friendships that go beyond cultural barriers.   Feature Image Credits- Aditya Narang [email protected]]]>

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