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Course vs. College: What should you prefer?

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Amidst the enormous cut-offs and high degree of competition, the common dilemma that arises in the minds of most aspirants is choosing between the course and college of their choice.

While the brand value of a popular college may lure any student to settle for a less preferred course, the long term results may not prove to be desirable. According to experts, the stress factor, indecisiveness, fear of judgement or family pressure may push a student towards a door that he/she shouldn’t really open. It’s important to know that the curriculum is the same in each college, irrespective of their ranks. Even if the percentage secured isn’t enough to get enrolment in the desired college, there are still high chances of maintaining a good academic record in another one. The reason lies in the obvious fact that we tend to perform better in our areas of interest. College alone can’t help in establishing a successful career. While there is always another chance to go for a preferred college after this degree, the short term decision of choosing a less preferred course may lead to cluelessness and failures after the graduation period.

However, it is also important to note that in case of professional courses like engineering and law, good colleges open doors to better amenities and placement opportunities. Facilities like a well equipped library, labs, quality ambience and Internet access may provide a healthy competitive environment and help in personality development. For those who’re more into co-curricular activities, more opportunities in the form of societies and activities may be provided by some specific colleges. Also, for those who’re unsure about their course preference, taking a better college may prove to be more advantageous.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the student to decide what’s best for him, considering his strengths, weaknesses, interests, passions, dreams and aspirations.

Lovleen Kaur

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