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Sex Amma: Farewell and the curse of virginity

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Dear Amma, I’m about to graduate, and I’m worried that even after three years of college I’m still a virgin. I attended the Virgin Tree Pooja three years in a row, went to parties to talk to girls, practically did everything to change this but nothing has ever helped. I am now worried if I’ll ever break this “curse” of virginity that has been set upon me. Please tell me what do?

Aiyyo, my dear idli, looks like you have been following the wrong ways of procuring a partner for a while now. It seems like you’re suffering from a curse that my macchis call ‘desperation.’ Amma has seen many men fall prey to this curse, and is glad that you have to ask for advice. This curse affects many men’s perception of females, but don’t worry as Amma has the solution to this.

The solution to your problem is simple, but it will be tough on your part to implement the same. Your curse makes you not want to explore anything beyond having sex with a girl. You must know that Amma loves her macchis because they are gentle, affectionate people who need to be cared for and loved deeply. If you fail to do that, and will only concentrate on having sex, no macchi will ever want to be with you.

Try to approach women with a certain level of respect. Remember that your curry is tastiest only when you invest time in cooking it patiently with the right kind of spices. Go beyond the idea of just having sex and following irrational ideas like attending the Virgin Tree Pooja. Instead, try to find the right girl for you who shares similar interests and can understand you. Amma assures that by following this advice, you’ll find a dosa to go along with your taste in no time.

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