IPCW Innovation Project ’15-’16: Outreach program for govt. school students

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Indraprastha College for Women’s current Innovation Project (IP-301) under the aegis of University of Delhi is a community outreach program for government school children. It aims to devise favourable circumstances for young, budding intellects to interact with the community on a regular basis, with activities which are carried out from time to time. A series of workshops and activities, led by the students of Indraprastha College for Women are conducted in two government schools. The school children are trained in the fields of Gender Sensitization, Disaster Management, and Library Management. The decision of choosing such off-stream topics was that these issues pertain to one’s involvement in the community, in the form of a citizen, a rescuer and a scholar. Also, students are enlightened about issues pertaining to such fields which keep their rational wheels churning, without losing their interest and grip, and at the same time, making sure that they are not missing out on anything that is being taught.

This project is a one-year long program, which is being carried out by ten students namely: Asmita Jagwani, Divya Tripathi, Aishwarya Shri, Anamika Das, Ateka Hasan, Shayda, Musharrat Parveen, Pinki, D. Saran Prakash, and Nihita Kumari. The project is being carried out under the guidance of three internal mentors, the Personal Investigators of the project, namely: Dr. Jyoti Trehan Sharma , Dr. Harsh Bala Sharma and Mr. Vijay Gautam.
So far, two phases of the project have been concluded with one more remaining. School children in 9th-12th standards have been enlightened about ways to react against gender discrimination in the community, important steps to be taken when faced with disasters, the functioning of the library and many such significant facts pertaining to the three fields undertaken. The project is being carried out with an expectation that school children will, in future, bring all the knowledge gained through this project into implementation, and share it further.
With much hardwork and dedication displayed by the project members, and high levels of enthusiasm received from school children in return, there is certainly a hope that, this program is a step towards an improvement in the community.

Write up by Asmita Jagwani and Ateka Hasan, IP College for Women

Image Credits: Ateka Hasan and Asmita Jagwani

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