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Why participating in department fests is a good idea

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Well, for those who are always interested in something new coming their way; department fests are just tailor made for them. With a totally new area of a different department, many new things can come your way and you might also find yourself interested in many of those. But what makes department fests that interesting? That when you hear about one in your neighboring college, you always compel your friends to visit and attend the same?

The reasons are fairly simple to point out. Department fests cater to the surprise appraisal in you. More if you are coming from a totally different subject. A student from economics background might find political science’s department fest quite attractive, simply because of the reason that politics and economics go hand in hand in the contemporary world. An English honors student might similarly be interested in another language’s department fest.

Other than bringing a factor of novelty, department fests also bring with them certain subject adhering fun activities. From treasure finding games to quizzes, they serve to both the intellectual and adventure side of you. It becomes a totally different experience when teachers are also involved in the games and add their experience.

And now the best reason to go to a department fest! Yes, you can also win huge amounts of cash prizes since departments in campus colleges of Delhi University are amply funded by the college as well as the university. A marketing department fest of Shri Ram College of Commerce raises around ten lakh bucks each year. Certain other departments raise even more than that.

So well, the season has come and department fests would soon be starting, some within the college fest as it sees more footfall; while certain other more popular departments separate their fests from the college one. Our advice is to take some time out and do visit some of the department fests this year.

Brij Pahwa

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is a sophomore pursuing Political Science (H) from SGTB Khalsa College. A graduate in Indian Classical Music and a seasoned MUNer, Anchor and Compére, he also has an interest in writing poetry. He has been working as a compére for Athletic Federation of India and is a guest columnist for a multi - state daily. A partisan of astrophysics, he thinks that our perceptions shape our realities and that a reality for one might not be for another. It's a world full of semblance, he believes. Link to his blog on Poetry:

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