Bazinga: University introduces cut-offs to attend fests

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In a shocking turn of events, the University of Delhi (DU) has issued orders for all the students scoring less than 45% marks in the last semester examination to be banned from all the cultural activities in the University including, college fest participation. All these students would not be allowed to attend any college fest this semester and would instead have compulsory tutorial classes from 6 pm-9pm, everyday. Every student would also be provided with a cab service, if required.

“Students with less than 45% marks need to concentrate on their academics, but the fest season with all its distractions would only prove fatal for such low-scoring students and further worsen their academic result. So in an effort to improve their result, the varsity has started with these extra tutorial classes,” said a senior professor, Delhi University.

The official notification has reached all the college departments and a cab service provider has also been hired. These classes would start after Republic Day and anyone failing to attend them would be terminated. Moreover, the college fest entry passes would only be issued after the verification of result of the students, student with less than 45% marks would not be issued the entry pass.

In a bid to improve students’ academic result, the varsity’s latest effort comes as a shock for a lot of students and fest enthusiasts. Student Unions of all the colleges have called up an emergency meeting. According to sources, a lot of protesting and marches are on the nearby horizon against varsity’s new notification.

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