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Sex Amma: Is something wrong with either of us?

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Q. My girlfriend and I do it regularly but she has not been able to orgasm yet. What can we do to make her orgasm? Is there something wrong either of us?

A. My steamed little pattu, your question is not uncommon. In fact, it is one of the most pressing problems for almost all idlis who like to get down and dirty.

In Amma’s experience a majority of vadas can’t orgasm without some added spice! So no, it does not mean that something is wrong with either of you. Instead, your lady might be a stressed or feeling a bit anxious (or perhaps ticked off?). Even if this is not the case, getting dirtier and spicier with your dosa making might help your cause. Make sure she is aroused, tease her and make her want you more, try to be kinkier, perhaps using a blindfold and hand ties might accentuate her feelings.

Most vadas can’t climax just by simply doing the deed, they need more and they need variety. So little idli, jazz up your dosa making and don’t be afraid to be a little imaginative, put your freak on from time to time.

Be sure to make your lady happy in your bed, and she will reward you with her own secret moves too!


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