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6 reasons why participating in outstation fests is a must- do in college

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One of the many perks of being in a society is travelling for outstation festivals much different from that of regular Delhi University fests. Most common being the festivals of Indian Institute of Technology`s (IIT), Birla Institute of Technology (BITS) and Indian Institute of Management (IIMS). These trips are definitely lifetime experiences filled with fun and memories.

However, there are a set of emotions and thoughts that every participant goes through on these outstation trips. So here is a list that follows it.

Travelling in sleeper class

You may have passed judgments on people you meet in college who confess of never having taken an auto or a metro in their life but traveling in a sleeper class of the Indian railways is some serious public transport case.  Most trips are budget restricted so AC three tier is usually not an option and flights almost never. It’s a definitely a first time experience for many, eased by the comfort of company and fun.

That feeling of adulthood

As you are laughing and having a good time, a terrorizing thought comes across your mind. ‘I think I forgot my costume’, ‘I think I forgot my instrument’, and almost always, ‘I think I forgot my college ID card’. That nagging feeling of having forgotten something gets you worked up, making you imagine of alternatives in case it turns out to be true. Most often than not, everything is in place but no matter how prepared you are, these questions always pop up. Travelling with a college society forces you to take care of yourself and your belongings.


After travelling in a sleeper class you seem prepared to challenge any hardships in life but you start doubting that when you come across the accommodation arrangements. A Servant quarter, dorm, hostel rooms, just anything and everything becomes accommodation with lined up mattresses. In case you are lucky you may get a comfortable place otherwise it is a constant struggle for using the bathroom and charging ports, not to forget sleeping on vintage mattress.

Late nights

Soon you realize that the campus never sleeps. At many places competitions run through the night with events at odd hours such as 2:30 am and 4:00 am. People are on the roads chatting, singing, dancing having a gala time, its 24×7 party out on the streets and sleep is for the weak

Competition and Exposure

In festivals of above-mentioned institutes, participants come from all over India bringing in eclectic forms and variations. It makes you realize the kind of competition out there and exposes you to innovative ideas and methods. It’s a learning experience and an opportunity to recognize your standing in the league.

Exploring the city

Going for competitions to places such as Goa, Mumbai or Bengaluru, the fun extends beyond the campus to the sights of the city. Indulging in local food, clicking photographs and trinket shopping make it all worthwhile. This is also the time when you bond with the members of the group and get to know each other that is otherwise missed out on regular college days.

Outstation trips naturally match you up with your kind in the group, on the basis of sleeping, eating and partying patterns. Its purpose becomes more than the competition you came for. It becomes the memories you create, the first-times and the last-times, the games of ‘Never Ever Have I’ and ‘Truth or Dare’.

College trips are times that bring excitement and glee every time you recall them and going to one with a purpose just makes it better!

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