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Abandoning these 5 habits may help you save the semester

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We’re all soon about to take our college exams and this time should be ideally dedicated to studies. Yes, I said ideally and yes, I know this isn’t the reality. But to nail these exams (or even pass them, quite frankly) there are some habits which are getting the better of us and need to abandoned before our exams start.

1. Binge- watching

It’s the most common and the most time consuming addiction of our generation. We have numerous seasons of one sitcom and want to complete all of them in one go. So, I think the first and the foremost habit that we need to let go of, is this. Let’s pledge to not start any new series or watch any new movie even if they may sound as interesting as How to Get Away with Murder’s season 2. (I think I’m getting off the point here)

2. WhatsApp

We tell ourselves that we’re only going online to ask one question from a friend and soon one hour has passed, that question is unanswered because your friend also had no clue about it and you’re sharing the links of funny videos or sending each other 9GAG memes. Try and control this habit. You have a pile of books still untouched and wasted time will only make you regret later.

3. Switching between Instagram/ Snapchat or any other Social networking platform

The constant habit of checking your phone every five minutes to see the latest pictures posted on Instagram by celebrities or checking Twitter for their tweets is futile. Also, snapchatting your friend about how much you need to study won’t really help either. Your attention gets divided and you’re more concerned about getting a reply than to complete the chapter.

4. Fantasising about the places to visit after exams

It’s the most common habit of us all. We go on Zomato, make a group on WhatsApp and start sharing the possible options of all the cafes that we can try after exams end. The only problem here is that, syllabus isn’t complete, exams are near and this planning may as well cost you both, time and marks.

5. Procrastination

Everyone is familiar with this habit. This habit is the reason behind the shift of your plan from completing five chapters in five days to completing all of them in 5 hours. Try this semester to not procrastinate. It sends all of us in a panic at the last minute making us unsure even about the syllabus we had completed earlier.


Nishita Agarwal

[email protected]

Image credits: https://mvancise1.files.wordpress.com

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