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The Auburn Umbrella: I want to upgrade my oomph quotient!

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Dear Auburn,
When I go out with my boyfriend on dates and such, I always end up wearing jeans or leggings. I tend to feel uncomfortable in skirts and shorts. Yet, I wish I could upgrade my oomph quotient without looking provocative. Please help!
-Plain Jane
Answer: Dear Plain Jane,
Don’t feel disheartened. Trust me, there are a plethora of options that you can explore! Firstly, you could upgrade your jeans by taking onto ripped denims. Or pair your jeans with crop tops and tank tops. The same goes for leggings.

Secondly, try out those long, fluid and flowing maxi dresses. They’re really chic and come in wonderful patterns and styles. They’ll fulfil your wish of being covered, while at the same time, they’ll make you look really pretty and girly.

Other than that, you could also think of adding things on and enhancing your present look with accessories and make up. Eg: Mascara, smokey eyes, red lips (as perfected by Taylor Swift) and diva like eye liner will give you a dramatic and impactful look; or a little junk jewellery will turn your lacklustre outfit into something nice and hip(pie)!

The key is to have fun and experiment. And most importantly, do so confidently.

Much love!


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