The Auburn Umbrella: 5 style tricks every DU girl should know

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For all the believers of destiny, it wrote for each one of us, three years, that were purely dedicated for a phase called ‘young and reckless!’. This phase starts when we enter the college and ends when we finally grow up to face the realities of life! While, in these years, we tend to do what everyone would do, behave like we are the coolest alive but, wear what we really love to wear. How others would think about your style is something that you will never pay heat to. And, that is how the humans of Delhi University, created a trend of its kind – Campus Style, the young, wild and reckless Fashion that you will only find in DU and nowhere else. What you might not know is that the girls here have their own Fashion secrets. How about we leak out some to you?



For the usual lousy days at college, the girls at DU prefer to keep it light. No! They won’t specially go for a casual shopping spree, they will rather sneak into their guy friends’ cupboards and steal their shirts. Checkered or striped shirts with rolled up sleeves and denims make a perfect free day college look for them. They might as well feel like dressing up sometimes, but, for the rest, they are absolutely in love with their shirts! So, if you’re DU lover, we are sure you have aced this trick by now!



With due respect to the late nights and late wake ups, these girls still know how to sizzle up their look in a jiffy! They won’t give much time to their look, but, their Junk jewellery will be up for a save. A clump of bangles on one hand, a worn leather band on the other and the most pretty looking jhumkis has always been the perfect route to styling for them. And, the main reason why they have an undying bend towards street shopping is the junk jewellery that they spot from anywhere and everywhere.



Being in college, makeup would be the last resort for any girl. What makes them look sinfully stunning is their ‘no-makeup’-makeup look. Irrespective of all the essentials in their bag, you will find the most poppy shades of lip colors in them undoubtedly. One hot pink shade on their lips, aviators, and they are pout ready! But, if you think it’s all about being jazzy, let us remind you they are also in love with the nudes! Afterall, that is how they define campus styling. The main make mantra for these gorgeous girls is – ‘Pout out and K.I.S.S’, Keep it simple silly!



What intrigues us the most about DU is how these DU Divas have a secret collection of Bags in their trunks! From fringed slings, to spongebob backpacks to rugged leather bucket bags, you name it and they have it. The catch though, is that they honestly follow the bag bible and know it right when to carry which bag to complete their looks. For the skater dress girly look, they have their cute slings out while for the ripped jeans attire, they will hop out of their houses with their backpacks on! Unaware of this trick? You definitely need to get out for some bag shopping!



And, when you hear ‘after diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend!’, it falls completely true for a DU girl. They do know their shoes well! Among the massive amount of women traveling in metro, if you spot ladies in their quirky slippers, it goes without a guess that they are from Delhi University. ‘Opt for the easy way out, but, don’t forget to nail it!’ – is what they believe. Thong sandals are their regular summer flings and for winters, ‘oo la la!’, the leather boots are out! And hey! Don’t forget how toms became popular in Delhi! All credits to DU girls and their fun cravings!


The style secrets are out ladies, get going with these fun tricks and do tell us when all eyes are on you in your college. Think you can add to this list? Download the Wooplr app and reveal some of your campus style secrets! ASAP!

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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