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Kamala Nehru and Dyal Singh College emerge winners at Inter-College Boxing Championship 2015

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From 14th to 16th October, 2015, Dyal Singh College (Morning), University of Delhi (DU), organized the Inter-College Boxing Championship 2015 (Men and Women). The event was covered live by Doordarshan.

Mandeep Jangra, recipient of 2015’s prestigious Arjuna Award and an international boxer, was the chief guest for the first day (14th October) of this championship. For the second day (15th October), Dilbagh Singh who is also a prominent boxer, was the chief guest. And for 16th October, Joint Commissioner of Police was the chief guest. A lot of other prominent national boxers also attended the event and motivated the students.

The Winner’s of Women’s category:

Winner                                                      Weight Category

  1. Pooja Tokas                                                               48 KG

(Kamla Nehru College,DU)

  1. Simran                                                                         51 KG

(Dyal Singh College, DU)

  1. Shivani                                                                         54 KG

(Kamla Nehru College, DU)

  1. Smita                                                                            57 KG

(Jesus and Mary College, DU)

  1. Akanshi                                                                        60 KG

(Lakshmi Bai College, DU)


  1. Heena                                                                           64 KG

(kamla Nehru College, DU)

  1. Anjali                                                                              67 KG

(Dyal Singh College, DU)

  1. Glory Rose                                                                     75 KG

(Lakshmi Bai College, DU)

  1. Pooja                                                                              81 KG

(Lakshmi Bai College, DU)

  1. Monali                                                                          +81 KG

(Lakshmi Bai College, DU)

Overall Champion: Kamala Nehru College, DU with 3 Gold and 2 Silver Medals.

The Winner’s of Men’s category:

Winner                                                           Weight Category

  1. Mohammad Askin                                                           49 KG

(Dyal Singh College, DU)

  1. Rocky                                                                                 52 KG

(Deshbandhu College, DU)

  1. Bunty                                                                                 56 KG

(Dyal Singh College, DU)

  1. Pawan                                                                               60 KG

(Dyal Singh College, DU)

  1. Mohammad Ismile                                                          64 KG

(Dyal Singh College, DU)

  1. Chirag                                                                                 69 KG

(Dyal Singh College, DU)

  1. Manish Solanki                                                                 75 KG

(Dyal Singh College, DU)


  1. Gaurav Pawar                                                                     81 KG

(Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, DU)

  1. Sunny                                                                                   91 KG

(Dyal Singh College, DU)

  1. Gagan Pawar                                                                     +91 KG

(Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, DU)

Overall Champion: Dyal Singh College, DU with 7 Gold Medals.

By: Nidhi Panchal

[email protected]

Image Credits: Nitin Kudada

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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