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Top 10 DU fashion icons you just can’t miss

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Over the years, Delhi University has not only bestowed us with great minds, but, created identities that have marked a history in the field of fashion. Popular Designers, Bloggers, Fashionistas, this list of personalities drawing a massive hierarchy of personal style just doesn’t end. While some have found their distinct places where their names will be called out and paparazzi would strike them like a storm, for the rest, there has been a special wall of stardom at Wooplr which never stops showering them with love. Let’s meet our top 10 Fashion Icons from the various colleges of DU who are racing their way up on the Fashion Reign :



Being the Miss Fresh Face of her time, Saloni belongs to a college where you’ll see two varied communities of Fashionistas. While one community believes in following an everyday college style, the other has divas like Saloni, who believe in turning heads towards them with their runway ready fashion. She is one of the reasons why Kalindi college is known for it’s beauties. Never will you find her repeating her looks, or attires. And, talking about photographs, she will never be tired of flaunting her fashion in them.

Wooplr Saloni



Speak of simplicity, speak of Lady Shri Ram College! It is one college where the girls don’t do words, they follow the word of being effortlessly stylish. Holding this value strong, Lentina is one such loyalist at Wooplr who has always kept her style elementary and personality strong. When you see her, not only will you wish to own such a comfortable collection for college, but, you will feel such positivity in her fashion that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from knowing her deeper. The girl who can nail a plain maxi dress with such poise, definitely knows a lot of fashion.

Wooplr Lentina


Gargi College – ‘THE’ college where all that girls do apart from their lectures is great fashion! Being a student of such a college, you automatically tend to follow a trendy breed no matter how off you are with styling. Similar is the case with Nikita Jain, with the only difference being, that she was born with a fashionable spoon. She follows the mantra – ‘The shorter, the better!’. While she is obsessed with her tiny bodycon dresses and hot pants, she is also a once in a blue moon surprise package with her indian wear. The question is, who should we thank for such an amazing fashion discovery, DU or Nikita herself?Wooplr Nikita Jain




At Wooplr, you’ll find smoking fashion influencers, and then, you will find, unbearably cute faces like that of Pratiksha! Pursuing her UG course at Lady Irwin College, she has almost completed her masters in being a Fashion icon of a kind. From a college whose fashion society has a record of being the topmost for more than two years, it was really hard to spot a girl that got our heart melting. What makes her different is that, she knows her shoes quite well! You will never find her in the same footwear, and make-up, oh! you haven’t seen her enough! Despite of being a brand-baby, she does the street-style quite right!

wooplr Pratiksha



Coming as complete astonishment, is this combination of sugar and spice and everything nice, Nayana Roy Choudhury! The surprise is not in how sinfully fashionable she is, but, the fact that ARSD college, has such gems hidden in its treasure. So, just in case you thought that the DU Fashion is saturated in a handful colleges, she is here to prove you wrong! Her idea of fashion is to always create a twist and turn out of a normal outfit and write a story that could justify the worth of her purchases. While simple is an everyday tale, her thing is to spice it up with grace!



Being the pioneers of vogue in Delhi University, Kamla Nehru College gets its fame through sizzles like Arshdeep. Having associations with her fashion society in the college, she owes every bit of her chicness to it! She feels that a personal style might be inborn, but, fashion, is a learning process that wouldn’t end till you cross an age where you fall for your whites! We love how she loves her lipshades and flaunts her reflectives just with the right ray of sun falling on her.

wooplr arshdeep



If you’re wondering which college to head to if you want your three years to be one big fashion carnival, then, it is none other than Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce! Just as how crazy this college is, Bhumika is our crazy find from there, whose first impression to us always remains, ‘Hello Happiness!’. Having a hardcore fetish for prints, you will spot bhumika in amazing ranges of prints every time you see her. And, mind you! When we say ranges, her collection of prints just would not reach a zenith. She is one cute head who set the stage on fire with the hotness in her fashion.

wooplr bhumika



‘Bored? Let’s style up!’ – With styling checked among her favorite pass time, Srijoni is one fashionista, you’d look at and question her of being a student at Miranda House, or at any college for a fact. With a touch of professionalism in her styling, she never fails to lose out on any attention in her college. She might seem a quiet person to you initially, but, she will be at her best when she is in her perfect attire, which is everyday! She has her own moods when it comes to her daily looks. While, at times, she is all quirky, and at times, she is this elegant Indian lady brimming with a unique sense of style!

wooplr srijoni


‘They say, if you want to find the typical ‘dilli girl’, then Daulat Ram College is your place to be!’ We weren’t really sure of this quote, until we came across, Monika, who has got that perfect DRC vibe in her, making us believe, that irrespective of the fact that you’re a delhiite or not, DU, will make you one, at least with your fashion! She has a closet that can bring any girl in envy of her. Street shopping is her choice for college wear, and for formal occasions, she hits to destinations that would remain a big secret. The exclusivity, though, is not in the place where she shops from, but, the way she moulds it to her personal touch!

wooplr monica


One of our oldest fashion influencers, Uzma is the Wooplr sweetheart. She walks on the path that says, ‘Don’t over-do, but, do what you think is right!’. She is a very simple girl when it comes to fashion, but, when it comes to looking a class apart, she knows how to make a kill with her sophistication. The catch for her is the uniqueness of an outfit and bling, what bling? Pursuing Psychology honors from Lady Shri Ram College, she is an amazing mind reader and that’s how she manages to leave a lasting mark on great minds with her jaw-dropping Forever 21 Fashion!

Wooplr Uzma

In DU and not on Wooplr? You’re missing out on joining these Divas in the league of amazing Delhi Fashion. So, connect with us, flaunt your personal style and let us get you the star-like feel!

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