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Sex Amma: My boyfriend confessed cheating on me

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Q.  Hello Sex Amma,

I have been dating this guy for almost a year now, and he recently confessed cheating on me once, when he was drunk. Though I’m ready to forget it and move forward, he says he can’t even face me after what he has done. Please suggest what should I do?

A. My stuck little macchi, Amma has always advised the people of the backwaters never to commit the mistake of cheating!

It is very progressive of you to understand that mistakes can be done when one is under intoxication. But you have to understand that sometimes the other person might not be able to forgive themselves. Amma can see the puttu being split in only two ways. First, your boyfriend can be true to his word and genuinely feels ashamed and the other is that he might be looking at ways to break up with you. Either way my little idli it’s hard to accept the fact that he can’t be with you anymore.

It is Ammas’ advice that you talk to him honestly and let him know how much you still care and are ready to move forward, if he is. If things do not work out then don’t despair my macchi. There are many deserving fish out in the lagoons!


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