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Admission through Sports Quota in 2015: The where, when and how

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Delhi University incorporates students who are not just academically excellent, but also physically proficient. To nurture and encourage the sportspersons of the nation, the University provides a Sports Quota in its admissions to its undergraduate programme. Given below is a quick summary of the things you need to know about these trials and tests.

The University has notified each and every college to display on their websites and notice boards information regarding the number of seats under Sports Quota along with the positions/events for various Sports/Games that sportspersons will be tried for by 27th May 2015. This information has been provided well in-advance of the beginning of the regular UG admission procedure. The issue and receipt of applications/forms will be done from 28th May to 15th June. It is important for aspirants to fill the college-level form before appearing for the fitness tests and fitness trials.

Super Category

The sportspersons who have participated/represented the country in the following competitions are not subject to any trials and are infact admitted to any college they apply to.

  • Olympic Games
  • World Championships
  • Asian Games
  • Asian Championships
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Paralympic Games

Admission Procedure

1. Fitness Tests conducted by Delhi University

Three fitness tests will be conducted by DU as a preliminary examination for subsequent marking of Sports Certificates and Trials. The tests will be video-graphed and will judge one’s endurance, strength and speed. The fitness tests will be conducted in the University Polo grounds, from 18th June to 20th June, 9am onwards and the results of which will be displayed on the DU website on 22nd June 2015.

Test #1: Standing broad jump

Test #2: 1000mts. run/walk

Test #3: 50mts. dash

Note: For archery, chess and shooting, it is essential for a candidate to pass in at least one of the above mentioned tests to be able to give college trials. For other sports including cricket, football and basketball, a candidate is required to pass in at least two of the above menti0ned tests.

2. Sports Trials conducted by colleges

The colleges will hold trials for various sports 23rd June 2015 onwards which too will be video-graphed. The trials will hold a total of 50 marks. Minimum 18 marks out of 50 are necessary for admission to the college. The trials will be assessed on the basis of skill test, game performance test, game specific fitness, fundamentals of the sport etc. Each sportsperson will also be awarded marks out of 50 for their sports certificates. The image below indicates the marking criteria of certificates:





Colleges set their own schedules for sports trials. Aspirants are prompted to keep checking the websites of their desired colleges for information. They may also dial or visit colleges for information. Some of the colleges that have notified their guidelines are online are:

St.Stephens College:

Hindu College:

Moti Lal Nehru College:


Documents Required

The candidate should submit self-attested copies of all the certificates along with the application/form. If the candidate clears the trials, his/her name will be displayed on the college website for three days to address any grievances, after which the student will be required to submit an undertaking on judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/- declaring that he/she shall play for the University during the course of their undergraduate study. The candidate should have been active in the sport recognized by IOA and AIU for the past three years. Preference will be given to sports in which Inter-College and Inter-University Events are held.

Japji Kaur, a National level gymnast from IP College says, “It is very highly beneficial if one has a recommendation letter from a well-known sports personality of their field or their coach. Also, personal interview is where you can either move a step ahead in getting selected or simply be cleared out of the trial. Be absolutely sure in your answers and show your dedication towards your sport and the college you are trying for. Your certificates must show consistent participation in the sport or there is a good chance you won’t be selected even if you have a medal.”


For more details, follow the links below:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=5484&cntnt01returnid=83


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