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Teachers, DU lock horns as depts. refuse to draft CBCS syllabi

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In a span of one week, 2 departments of Delhi University (DU) in their respective General Body Meetings (GBM) have decided to reject Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and disassociate themselves from the drafting of syllabus.

Under CBCS, contents of courses are divided into ‘credits’ which students can earn “at their own pace with seamless mobility,” as the UGC has said. Under the system, a student may choose to earn some credits of even a course different from the one they applied for from another college and, potentially, another University. CBCS is dubbed by the UGC as a “cafeteria-approach of education”. The system is, according to UGC’s directive, to be introduced in the coming academic year with the new batch. It has been relentlessly opposed by teachers.

The GBM of the History department was convened on 16th May and the same of Mathematics department was called on 21st May to discuss the directive of the Jt.Registrar of DU to draft the syllabus of various courses in accordance with the proposed syllabus of the UGC. Universities are only allowed to deviate a maximum of 20% from UGC’s proposed syllabus.

The History department adopted the resolution to reject CBCS unanimously. While voting was not allowed at the Maths department’s GBM, a thumping majority backed the resolution to reject the change.

The most notable points of objection raised by teachers include the requirement of all Universities to teach a common syllabus and the risk of privatisation of education. Teachers of the history department maintain that different regions of the country have varied socio-cultural realities and learning needs and allege that the syllabus given by the UGC is diluted.

Teachers allege that the matter of CBCS was brought on the table at an Academic Council meeting under the head of “Any Other Matter” and no discussion was allowed. Going beyond alleging the DU administration for thrusting the reform upon the University, teachers of the two departments accused the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and the University Grants Commission (UGC) for “pushing CBCS onto all Universities without discussion with the primary stakeholders, i.e. teachers and students on the desirability, feasibility and long-term implications of such a systemic change”.

Last week, DU’s media spokesperson Malay Neerav told Times of India that the University will not go ahead with CBCS if the councils do not approve of it.

Featured image credits: DUTA website

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