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A comparison of hostel messes: How much of a mess is it?

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One of the most talked about aspects of hostel life in any DU college is the taste of the food served in the mess, or the absence of the same. Hostel messes become the breeding ground for gossips and socialization over meals. It is also a very important consideration in choosing whether to stay in a hostel or to opt for a paying guest accommodation instead.
We bring you a comparison of hostel messes of three colleges:

Hans Raj College

The ambiance ranks well, so does the food and hygiene; the variety appeases all palates. The mess serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, which give it the brownie points. There have never been any grave issues regarding the taste or hygiene, however, some instances of corruption set into motion a strike which ultimately led to the ouster of the manager. Overall, a good bet. Meals are prepared according to Indian palate and the menu is set up only after proper consultation.

Miranda House

The menu variety is decent, although potatoes dominate the menu much to the agony of the students.The hygiene is great, except the part where leftovers are thrown. The food always tastes reasonably good. The downside, however, is that there’s too much oil in everything, which may get nauseating. And while all palates are taken care of, the portion sizes are disappointing. However, the hostel seems to have had a blemish-free track record, with no complaint whatsoever against the food, staff or hygiene!

Lady Shri Ram College

The menu variety is the best here. Although the staple is standard continental breakfast and Indian for lunch and dinner, there is quite a variety when it comes to lunch and dinner. The menu is never repeated within the same week and it’s always put up on the mess’s bulletin board. Students are probably spoilt for choice here, what with dinner sometimes having noodles and cutlet, along with the option of having bread and/or curd rice which are also on offer. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian demands are taken care of, and eggs are served for breakfast every day, which comes as a huge relief. Tea is perhaps the best part of the day, and on the best of days, a McFloat look-alike can be spotted!

Kritika Narula
[email protected]

With inputs from Iresh, Greta and Alankrita

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