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5 things that made Orkut special to the Indian teenager

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It’s time to bid farewell to Orkut and the average Indian teenager is bound to walk down memory lane. Here are 5 things which made Orkut special!

1. Stalking: Orkut proved to be a boon to the lives of Indian teenagers. They were finally able to stalk their crushes while still being under the constant radar of their parents. Often the stalking went down the drain when they realised that their crush is apparently a Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus lookalike.

2. Fake profiles: With the evolution of Orkut many of the ‘Premlatas’ took no time to turn into ‘Pamelas’.
Well, thanks to all such Pamelas, even the nerdy Shayam had a sexy international friend to chat with!

3. Lingo: January, 2004 marked the birth of a whole new language. Izn’t dat kewl?
An Orkut scrap wasn’t just a message from one friend to another – it seemed like a bouquet of weirdly spelled words. Srzly lyk..Oh Mah Gawd!

4. Alias names: Teens with names like Tamil Movies such as ‘Rajendra-The Phoenix’ popped out in large numbers. Also, e-mail IDs like [email protected] and [email protected] had a whole new purpose in life.

5. Password – key to everything!: An Orkut account’s password used to be the most precious thing a teen ever owned and losing it to their sibling meant ‘death in disguise’. After all, it would be just a matter of seconds before their parents, grandparents, maid and the family dog would know their personal chats – and personal chats pretty much say it all!

Shaurya is a 2nd year B.Tech student from Hansraj College. She is an amateur photographer and also an aspiring poet.She is in love with sleeping and dreams about reading a lot of novels but never really ends up doing that!

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