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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mangalyaan

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A proud moment for the nation arrived today when the world knew about the success of ISRO’s Mangalyaan successfully entering the orbit of Mars today. Our Prime Minister rightly remarked, “History has been created today” applauding the successful Mars Orbiter Mission to put India on the world map for triumphant interplanetary space mission.

While it’s a cause for celebration for all, there are certain things that make this endeavour by Indian scientists more special because of the following facts about Mangalyaan:

1: Cheaper than Hollywood Movies

Considering the high spending on space programmes, Mars Orbiter Mission of ISRO beats the world in economic terms to be most budget-friendly. It has a mere cost of Rs 4 per citizen of India and even happens to be at lower cost than Hollywood movies like ‘Gravity’. It is also only 1/10th the cost of its contemporary ‘MAVEN’ (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) launched by NASA.

2: Successful in First Attempt

Before Mangalyaan no other country has been successful to insert a spacecraft in the Martian orbit in the first attempt, but the Mars Orbiter Mission enters the history books with its successful launch in the first trial itself after US, European Space Agency and the former Soviet Union.

3: First Asian Nation to Reach Mars

ISRO proved that China or Japan maybe emerging superpowers from Asia, but the intellectual and technological superiority surpasses all which is very well demonstrated by Mars Orbiter Mission. India becomes the first Asian country to join the league of countries studying the Red Planet.

4: Will Investigate the Martian Surface

Apart from the technological objectives of developing technologies of launching and testing inter-planetary space programmes by ISRO, one of the critical aims of Mangalyaan is to explore the plausibility of myriad hypothesis of Martian climate like presence of methane, water, texture of soil etc. which may help in finding out the possibility of life on Mars.

5: Totally Indigenous

All the scientific instruments, manpower, technology etc. involved in launching Mangalyaan are all totally ‘desi’. By using indigenous technology and cutting red tape, Mars Orbiter Mission proved to be friendly for wallet and also demonstrated India’s intellectual and technological advancements in recent times.

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