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No admission under BMS; students protest outside Smriti Irani’s residence

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In a major development, Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) has officially been done away with for the batch seeking admission this year. Instead, students will be admitted to the three-year BBS, BBE and BFIA courses as was usual before FYUP was introduced.

In a notification issued on the University’s revamped website, the move was confirmed:

“The admission to BBS and B.A. Hons. (Business Economics) [will] be held on the basis of the criteria already announced for BMS admission 2014-15. However, the best four subjects will be calculated as per the admission guideline for these courses prevalent in the year 2012-13. The seat distribution will be restored to the status 2012-13.  Centralized Counseling would take place as per the schedule to be announced.”

According to the old seat distribution which is being brought into force again, DU has 275 seats of BBS, 554 seats of BBE and 62 seats of BFIA. Results of the recently concluded BMS Entrance Exam will be valid and considered.

The news comes as a huge blow to the present and only BMS batch of Delhi University. “BMS shouldn’t have been scrapped. It is unfair to us as employers will not at all value our BMS degrees. We have been subject to a lot of negative publicity too. Another of the many decisions taken in haste by DU in the past 2 years,” said Sanjivni  Sanju, a BMS student at College of Vocational Studies.

Students who enrolled in BMS last year protested outside Smriti Irani’s new residence in Lodhi Colony.  “We were protesting but nobody came to talk to us. Police barricaded the area and stopped us. Some of us sat there on a hunger strike. Initially the police did not even allow water through the barricades,” said Akshay Jagota, another BMS student at College of Vocational Studies.

The fate of the batch studying BMS remains clouded as neither the UGC nor the University has notified in writing what policy will be adopted for them but, in all likelihood, the batch will be migrated to a three-year course however the degree conferred will be titled BMS.  The final decision is expected to be taken tomorrow.


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