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Sex Amma: Crushing on a teacher!

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Dear Amma, I am in a girls’ college and that means very less interaction with the opposite sex on a daily basis. Well, I think I have a thing for this male teacher. I find him so cute and he is very intelligent and attractive. There are times when I feel like making an advance, despite knowing that it is wrong and against all moral codes. He is not very old too, and has just started teaching. I can’t seem to be able to help it. Please tell me how to cope with this.


Amma can never find a question from you confused little machhis that doesn’t make her nostalgic! I believe that having a crush on a teacher is an inevitable feeling that everyone goes through. Amma went to an all girls’ college too and can relate very well with you. Oh the fantasies I had of my teacher!

Go ahead, have a crush on him, dream about him and I’m pretty sure you stare at him in the corridors too! Don’t make him uncomfortable though. Amma firmly believes that the fantasies about teachers should be only that, fantasies. Even if he is not much older than you are, there is a line that must not be crossed little idli! It is very unprofessional and will put him in a difficult situation, for he has much to lose in case anything goes wrong. Once you pass out though, you could see if he’s available and “make your moves”. Until then, keep calm and keep on crushing!

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