Movie Review: 2 States

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From the campus love and drama to the family fights and rights, 2 States based on Chetan Bhagat’s best selling novel by the same name would take through a laughable ride filled with a lot of ‘aww’ moments here and there. The movie that runs in the flashback mode of the narrator’s story portrays different cultures of families across India.

Cast : Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amrita Singh, Ronit Roy, Shiv Kumar Subramaniam and Revathy
Director : Abhishek Varman
Music Director : Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Based on Chetan Bhagat’s best selling novel : 2 States – The Story Of My Marriage.


Krish (Arjun Kapoor), a Punjabi boy who is an IIT graduate from Delhi happens to join the ‘serial proposers’ list of Ananya (Alia Bhatt), a tamilian girl at IIM Ahmedabad where they study for the much over rated MBA degree. The conversation that starts by offering a rasgulla ends up with both the characters falling in love (well, that had to happen). The campus story that is wrapped up by the director in the initial 30 minutes may leave you craving for more of college masala. The steamy scenes between the lead pair must have left Chetan a little nervous, but the audience seems to enjoy it quite a lot though one never stops wondering that how Krish and Ananya share the bed at the hostel room on campus (there is a different hostel for boys and girls. Obviously).

The movie that shifts from the colour and flavour of college at Ahmedabad to the rich homes in Delhi and Chennai, holds the viewer to watch how the predictable story will be paralleled by commendable acting and direction. The typical fussy Punjabi mom (Amrita Singh) and a strict retired army father (Ronit Roy) at their Hauz Khas makaan (because ghar toh pyaar se banta hai), bring both smile and disgust on the faces of the viewers. As disciplined south Indian parents, Shiv Subramanyam and Revathy are very particular yet boring in their actions. The cultures of these ‘2 states’ seem to be exaggerated a little but this much cinematic liberty can be entertained.

Krish who also teaches Ananya’s brother finally after a lot of buttering takes on the proposal. The twist is where he proposes all members of the Swaminathan family and not only the girl (that is quite innovative). Ananya and her parents then go all the way from south to north to convince Krish’s mumiji (his dad is least interested by now) but his mom is a typical muhfatt punjabi. Her racist remarks on madrasi people forces the Swaminathans to withdraw their interest from this inter-caste rishta. Krish’s irritating massi and other members of the family who finally reach the wedding venue in the school bus (like yes, a school bus decorated with flowers) leave the audiences laughing. Now how this happened even after so much of ‘marriage politics’ is something you need to watch this movie for.

Music of the movie by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and dialogues by Hussain Dalal convey all the emotions in the fancy Bollywood manner. Alia’s beauty and her costumes do not fail to impress the people of both sexes. Arjun takes the heart away by his cute smile and his look supported by nerdy glasses.

All you out there with a very soft heart, you may feel the need of handkerchiefs in the few scenes. But as you reach out to your pocket, something on screen will stop you. The book by Chetan Bhagat is surely a better tale of these 2 States but Abhishek Verman as a director makes a significant debut.

Oh yes! The movie forces all the young heads to think, “Why don’t we have such a life?”

DU Beat correspondent, Iresh Gupta sat with the stars of 2 States, Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. Click here for an exclusive interview.

([email protected]); IInd year commerce student at Hans Raj College, Delhi University, Iresh inherited writing from nobody. Not equipped well with mind of a business maestro, he just likes to sit back with a cup of tea trying to balance journalism and poetry. One can generally find him chit-chatting with people (strangers and known, both) or struggling in the overcrowded city of Delhi looking for a seat to watch a play or some Bollywood film, at a cheap price ofcourse. (He hates people who hate Bollywood). An anchor, compère and interviewer, he also enjoys event management and cooking. Known well for his sense of humour, Iresh aspires to integrate his three interests of Movies, Marketing and Writing to make something out of his unproductive life as his elder generation terms it to be.

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