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ABVP leader manhandles professor over derogatory comments on Modi

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th of April. Raju Rawat, member of ABVP (the RSS-run students’ party), met Professor Umesh Rai in order to discuss the complaint of some FYUP students who had not received laptops. It is alleged that Prof. Rai behaved rudely and asked Rawat to leave. Rawat, in his statement to The Hindu, told the professor that “his attitude would not last long since the Modi government would come and get rid of FYUP”. To which Rai replied by saying, “chaiwallahs are not equipped to come and take university decisions”. Rawat and a group of a few more students also smeared black paint on the Professor’s face. The Joint Secretary said he lost his temper at these words and hit the professor. It is also alleged that he blackened the professor’s face. Prof. Rai has filed a complaint against Rawat, said the police. According to the latest report by Times of India, ABVP has condemned Rawat’s behaviour, and suspended him from the party. Professor Aditya Misra, confirming and condemning the act, said that “No student should be allowed to hit a teacher, no matter what the provocation”. DU officials, however, through an official statement, have said that Prof. Rai did not make any such provocative comment and the perpetrators fabricated  the anti-Modi statements. Both Prof. Rai and Rawat were unavailable for comments.]]>

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