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Development and Internships: Entrepreneurship Summit by Enactus Hans Raj

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Enactus Hans Raj organized its annual Entrepreneurship Summit on 2nd April. The event had speaker sessions on personality development for girls and social responsibility. A management training workshop was also held along with the much highlighted Internship Fair 2014.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony for the summit was held in the college auditorium. The guests and dignitaries for the event were Mr. Anshul Gupta, founder of Goonj; Mr. Shakun Khanna, Strategic Management consultant, IBM; Ms. Shuchi Soni, Programme Manager from Enactus India (North), Mr. V.K Khwatra, Principal of the college and Ms. Sonal Gupta, ECA Convenor.

The event began with the lamp lighting ceremony by all the guests which was followed by honouring them for presiding over for the summit. V.K Khwatra then delivered a speech for all the young entrepreneurs. “What matters the most is personality. Today you all are here to learn entrepreneurship and get jobs and internships. What matters more than content of your resume is how you present yourself for that job”, he remarked.

The Entrepreneurship Summit was then declared open by Shrey Saxena, President at Enactus Hans Raj. This was followed by Vedika Dabriwal, Vice President and Enactus’s General Secretary, Harshita Muraka elaborated about the projects of Hans Raj Enactus for the year that were Project Swaad, Project Mithaas and Project Lekhni. A 10 minute video presentation revolving around Enactus Hans Raj, its projects, its members and appreciation received was played.

 ‘Mirror image of present India’ presented by Guest Speaker, Anshu Gupta

Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder of Goonj was the Guest Speaker for the day. Goonj is an NGO which works to ‘make clothes a matter of concern’. Goonj collects underutilized clothes and other materials from urban homes, and uses them as resources for the poor.  Apart from clothes Goonj’s collection include things like shoes, toys, books, electronic gadgets, furniture, utensils and other urban waste.

Mr. Gupta during his session portrayed the ‘mirror image of present India’ in terms of social activities and tried to define norms of the social section. His speech included many questions that still remain unanswered as per him. “Harr kali sadak par hum toll tax kyun dete hain?”, “Harr ek ghar pe purifier kyun lagana padta hai?”

The discussion also included his comments about safety of girls. “Hum apni behen ko ghar par akela kyun ni chorh sakte?” He talked about the infamous Dehi bus gang rape as well. “Janta boht kam jaanti hai. Asli chor toh hum log hain. 500 waale challan ko 100 rupaye ki rishwat se nipta dete hain. 400 ki chori toh ek insaan ek challan pe kar leta hai.” Anshu pointed out the fact that citizens unnecessarily blame the police and the government. He talked about subsidies and health situation in the country. His speech had some youth connect where he rightly mentioned that, “Internships toh tum log sirf certificate ke liye karte ho. Motive aur toh koi hshamai hi nahi.

The audience, which was a gathering of around 500 people, was all ears to what Anshu had to say. His speech was acknowledged by a standing ovation from everybody in the auditorium. This was followed by a question answer round. Samaksh Gupta says, “His speech was well drafted and he was inspiring and mesmerising. His startling facts could inspire anyone to move out of their comfort zone to extend a hand for helping.”

Personality development workshop for girls by Suditi Bhadauria

A personality and confidence building workshop was organized by Veet as a part of the summit exclusively for girls. The workshop was addressed by Suditi Bhadauria, a behavioural corporate trainer.

Her interactive session encouraged full participation in the learning process which led to automatic modification of the behaviours. Divya says, “Her session gave us a lively outlook to the world. Our confidence is surely boosted.” Other girls in the session also felt that Suditi had the capability to mentor the group and her words will have a lasting effect. In her words, “Girls should not doubt themselves and think of themselves as future leaders.”


Management Training Workshop by Shakun Khanna

Mr. Gupta’s session was followed by a management training workshop by Mr Shakun Khanna who inspired the budding entrepreneurs to be top notch professionals. He pointed out that the problem of the present generation is to make choices. “It is not about survival. It is more about improvement”, he says. He talked about how one should focus on his or her strengths and develop them but also said that it is important to fix your weaknesses to be successful.

According to him hard work is an important factor but he adds that, “Hard work may not take you to the word class levels.” Talent, for him is the most important factor. He stressed on the fact that talent leads to success and one should have that sense of rhythm in entrepreneurship.

Divya Puri, who attended the workshop says, “His speech was a myth buster. As youngsters, we had a lot of misconceptions in our mind related to business and facts.” What appealed a lot to students there was that Mr. Khanna was not trying to forcefully make the students believe in business and entrepreneurship. He said, “Being an entrepreneur is not the only way to achieve your dreams. Follow what you like and you will be on the top.”

Think Business – The B-Plan Competition

The Summit also organized a business plan competition. Through the preliminary round, three finalists were selected who presented their business plan in front of the judges for ten minutes. Along with the business plan, the competition also consisted of guesstimates. Ayush Kashri from Maharaja Agarsen College won the competition. His idea of collecting flowers offered to various temples and then selling it to various companies to make perfumes and other cosmetics was chosen as the best idea.

Internship Fair 2014

The highlight of the Summit was the Internship Fair. From 30 companies last year, this time the fair witnessed 60 companies giving out internships to almost 500 candidates. Companies like Axsiom, Mindworkzz, Sawrneempropmart.com, Avanti (NGO), School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Pravah (NGO) among many more had put up their stalls. The fair saw the candidates moving from one stall to other submitting their resumes and talking about the job profile.

The fair also had new start ups being launched. Ankit Bagga, co-founder of EDZY says, “We as a start up got an overwhelming response in terms of footfall. We also got applications from many DU students.” The fair provided internships for all fields like marketing, management, social entrepreneurship, to name a few.

Shikha Maheshwari, a candidate who applied for internships says, “The fair offered a lot of choices and opportunities. There were lot of companies especially for the field I wanted to apply. It was very well organized.” With the fair, this year’s edition of Entrepreneurship Summit by Enactus Hans Raj came to an end.

([email protected]); IInd year commerce student at Hans Raj College, Delhi University, Iresh inherited writing from nobody. Not equipped well with mind of a business maestro, he just likes to sit back with a cup of tea trying to balance journalism and poetry. One can generally find him chit-chatting with people (strangers and known, both) or struggling in the overcrowded city of Delhi looking for a seat to watch a play or some Bollywood film, at a cheap price ofcourse. (He hates people who hate Bollywood). An anchor, compère and interviewer, he also enjoys event management and cooking. Known well for his sense of humour, Iresh aspires to integrate his three interests of Movies, Marketing and Writing to make something out of his unproductive life as his elder generation terms it to be.

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