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Sex Amma : I think my boyfriend is turning ‘straight’!

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Hello, Amma! I am a guy and I am in a relationship with another guy for the last one year. Things were well till he recently told me he hooked up with a girl when he went to Goa with his friends a month back. He said he liked it a lot and now he thinks he might be bisexual instead. Is this his way of suddenly realizing he is straight actually? Or am I over thinking? Help!

Aiyyo! Macchi, I know this must be really confusing for you. Our world is such a cruel place anyway for lovebirds like you and your cherukkan.  The only men who ever rejected Amma’s offers were those of the ‘happy’ types and Amma still lusts over them. But you did not write to know about that (or did you? *winks*).

See my vaazha koombu, sexuality is a spectrum and not something that is necessarily static. In my expert opinion, most people never realise their true potential and so remain inside the boxes they have discovered for themselves. But a lot of people do play around the court. Amma did and still yearns for some vadas at times. Your boy did the same too. People cannot ‘change’ their sexuality and your cherukkan maybe just realized something which was the reality all along!

Even if your boy is into both dosas and vadas, it still does not mean that he does not love you! If he did not then he would not have been with you. His heart and his dosa are different from each other. He just realised that his tastes are more varied than what he thought before. Actually, going by your less-than-outraged reaction to his hookup, Amma suggests popping in a vada from time to time in your play times to make things a little spicier. Because having idlis with sambhar everytime is okay but with rasam even better.  😉

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