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MTV India and DU Beat come together for the politically empowered youth

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With the general elections just around the corner (April 2014), the involvement of youth in Indian politics, or lack thereof, is an issue that needs immediate attention. Being aware of politics is one thing and being politically conscious is another. To address this question among the youth, MTV India has come up with a campaign ‘MTV India Rock The Vote’ to understand the political mindset of India’s future and proactively encourage them to be a part of the system, at least fulfill their obligation and exercise their right to choose the next head of the country. The Campaign, which started with MTV promoting the cause on its various media platforms, both with celebrities and the youth, has now spread its wings. DU Beat has joined MTV’s endeavor to make the youth understand the urgency of the hour and the need for them to be a part of the most important aspect of the country- its Government.


The Campaign kicked off in December 2013. Through its inceptive weeks, MTV took the campaign to various youth- centered platforms including college fests, events etc. They have also used their brand power to bring together various personalities through web and TV episodes, who pledge to ‘Rock the Vote’ this year and have their voices heard.

With a tongue in cheek tagline ‘Dabao na… Button’, Rock The Vote emphasizes on the idea that if you don’t vote to affect the system, you can’t complain when the system wrongs you. The campaign also guides you as to how to go about the entire electoral process, including getting a voter ID made. Visit their website for more information!

Through our association, DU Beat plans to take the campaign to its core- The youth. We plan to reach out to the empowered DU student and promote awareness and political participation this April along with understanding and attempting to develop the mindsets that they have with regards to the Indian political system.

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