Hans Raj College

Corruption enquiry against Hansraj College Hostel Manager

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On the 15th of January, the Hostel Manager of Hansraj College was temporarily suspended owing to charges of mismanagement of the hostel funds. The charges however, have not been proved yet and the enquiry is in process.

While going through the hostel accounts book, the hostel union found certain errors that could not be explained. This led to the suspicion that there is a discrepancy with the written records.  It is reported that a shifting of around Rs. 2 lakhs has happened in this process.

As a result, the students began to protest against the Manager and the protests went on from 3 pm in the afternoon to around 11 pm at night. The students demanded that an enquiry be set up and necessary action be taken against the culprits. It was later decided that the Manager should be suspended till any charges are made against him and the enquiry is complete.

The hostel staff was unavailable to make any comments.

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