Humouroscope: 19th – 25th January

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Aries-Driving is a bad idea. Metro is the way to travel for this week. However, for places the metro doesn’t suit you, carry rose scented almonds in your pocket.

Taurus-A long standing crush has started showing interest. The unrequited love may not remain so unrequited after all. Wearing electric blue socks will boost your luck.

Gemini-The week doesn’t carry much good news for you. In fact, you’ll find yourself at logger heads with most of your friends. Not taking bath for the entire week will prevent direct confrontations.

Cancer-A long standing project will take an interesting turn of events. Do not let any friend interfere with it. He’s bound to make you his second fiddle.

Leo-Oddly, your unlucky omen for the week is the sun. Carrying a floral print umbrella whenever you step out into the sun will salvage some good luck.

Virgo-Greed and lust are to be stayed away from this week. So do not go near a shopping mall or your girl/boy friend’s place. The library will prove to be a safe haven.

Libra-A ‘medusa omen’ is floating over your head this week. Do not look into the mirror and avoid eye contact with green eyed strangers.

Scorpio-Some money is coming your way this week. Save it and it’s likely to multiply.

Sagittarius-The rare violet rose will boost your luck immensely. Carrying one in your pocket and the other in your sock will prevent any evil from falling upon you for a long time.

Capricorn-Your keen interest in the supernatural may prove detrimental to your mental well-being. Leave this pursuit right here or you’ll have a personal story to add to your list of discoveries.

Aquarius-Your cards for the week do not reveal much about your future. But your lucky fruit is the dragon fruit. Eat it for an entire day and luck will favor you.

Pisces-Physical and mental peace awaits you after a long and turbulent week. Retire to the hills or the beach or Lodhi Garden to regain your emotional equilibrium.

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