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Sex Amma: I’m not able to talk to girls! Help!

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Dear Amma, I am a fresher in the new FYUP course.  We have so many hot girls in our college and I want to get with one of those girls. The problem is that I am unable to start a conversation because I am not confident of my looks. Also I don’t know how to start a talk with a new girl.  Please help. And is going to a prostitute bad if you want to have some sex?

What Amma loves about you is that you are such a curious little appam! As far as conversations go, believe Amma when she says that everyone in college (including the hot girls!) are really nervous at this time – you’re fresh out of school, you hardly know anyone, it’s only natural, aiyyo! But it is no reason to lose your self esteem – start a conversation the way you would with anyone – regardless of whether or not you find them attractive. Don’t be so harsh on yourself – Amma is sure you are quite a looker!

And no, there is nothing is wrong with paid sex as long as you respect the person you are being intimate with – even if you are paying them! Have a great time at college, appam! Amma is sure the girls will all love you.

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