Humouroscope: 5th – 12th January

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Aries-The ultimate dilemma of friendship versus love has been troubling you for some time now. Its best to ask out that friend you’ve been fantasizing about. You anyway can’t simply be her friend anymore.

Taurus-The muscular pain that has been bothering you for so long have finally pushed you to an orthopedics’ doorstep. After a round of expensive consultation, you’ll realize that the pain is due to the lack of physical activity. So stop sulking and put on your running shoes.

Gemini- There are chocolates and flowers in your future. The only two possibilities are the arrival of a loved one on the blog or you killing your boredom by spending money on yourself.

Cancer- You will find solace in bargaining. Also, it’s your lucky activity this week. So put everything else aside and make that long due trip to GK or Sarojini.

Leo- Your patience is soon going to be tested with a noisy house guest arriving. Beware; he plans to overstay his welcome. Eating onions and staying over at a friend’s PG are the two best options. Take your pick!

Virgo- You’ll be revisiting childhood. All that alcohol has landed you into more troubles than ever. It’s better you switch over to milk for a while. Lucky color- ditch water green.

Libra- Last minute project submissions and a long list of pending work has made you volatile. It’s best if you don’t share your metro rides with anyone. That time should be utilized for listening to music and sleeping.

Scorpio- You are likely to develop a new hobby that you’ll be embarrassed to disclose to everyone. Keeping a dog biscuit in your bag at all times will make sure it stays a secret.

Sagittarius- Your cash stream seems to be thinning. It’s time to call upon the sworn life long friends to pay for the canteen bills. Lucky attire- kurta and jeans.

Capricorn-Praise is about to come from the most unexpected source. Making sure you stay in the public eye all the time will ensure it reaches you.

Aquarius- A friendship has turned sour. You are not able to rekindle the long gone excitement and joy. Take your friend to the nearest maggi stall and treat him to their poorly cooked maggi. Luck might just change.

Pisces-These are distressing times for your phone. Your new girlfriend, your app addiction fad and the sudden spike in the number of boring lectures leave the poor thing drained out. Charging it away from the bed at night will save you a couple grand.

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