DUTA alleges Delhi University with lack of infrastructure for security guards

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Recently, the University of Delhi ordained that the security guards employed by it would not be given any infrastructural aid while they would be on duty. As a matter of fact even chairs are not being provided by DU and it has closed down all the guard rooms.

Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) in its press release has categorically condemned such a decision and has called it savage. The reasons behind this order are still unknown, although there are some speculations. According to DUTA, when they asked for a reply for the same, the university did not give satisfactory responses. It transfered the burden on the contracting agencies and said that it has nothing to do with same and is only plying to the rules given to it by the agencies.

When DUTA posed more questions to DU, one of them being, “Why aren’t the guards who are employed by DU without a contractual agreement not being provided with infrastructural facilities?”, the University had no answers for the same.

“Such a mandate is outrageous and barbarous”, said Nandita Narain, president of DUTA. “University must give clear answers for the same.”, she added.

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