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I Impact India, a CSR Consultancy started up by DU Students, successfully completed its first innovative social campaign with the support of Rotary Club of Delhi, ‘This Valentine’s, Spread Love to those in Need!’ I Impact India is the brainchild of three socially committed individuals who have carried out social service in their individual capacities but now wish to robe in Corporations and philanthropists for countering such issues on a large scale and provide benefits to them in return. The social entrepreneurs uploaded a video on YouTube, which was aimed at highlighting & sensitizing the viewers about the social issues of today. Towards the end of the video, they promised to donate packets of biscuits equivalent to the number of views on that video. “Our idea is to provide Value for Charity through such Innovative Cause Related Marketing Solutions which would lead to positive brand image and simultaneously help in eradicating social ills,” said Parneet Chopra, the co founder of the organisation. Adit Grover, a part of the I Impact founding trio, stated that the aim of taking the campaign online was to reach out to as many people possible, creating a stong impact and making everyone feel involved in making a difference.

As per the success of the campaign, the team members celebrated their Valentine’s Day by distributing over 7,000 biscuit packets to kids of Kusumpur Pahari slum. The kids had a great time and marked the spirit of the day by indulging in hand printing, flying balloons and relishing their biscuits. According to volunteers Aabia and Lovejot, “The video was inspiring but seeing those smiling faces was even more satisfying.”

“We have upcoming projects in the field of Sanitization, Women Empowerment and Child Development. Effective & Efficient utilization of funds and core competencies can surely help eradicate these problems,” said Onkar Khullar, another founder of I Impact.

To watch the video, click the link below-


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