Sex Amma

Sex Amma

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Amma I have mostly lost interest in the sex life with my BF. He does not does many things right. I enjoy pleasuring my own self but losing interest when with him. What to do?


Well if one of Amma’s boys ever got lost in the bushes of Amma would pull him up by the ear and teach him a lesson and make sure that he follows it to the ‘T’. Amma hates it the most when one of her macchis starts to lose interest in the wonder down under. Here’s what you can do love, since you know exactly what you want (as you enjoy your own handiwork) sit him down and communicate the same to him. There is a good enough chance that he is trying to work his wand to the best he can but it just isn’t hitting the spot. So show him the way, tell him what you like and appreciate him when he yields. You must also bear in mind the courtesy of returning the favour every once in a while, after all it’s a two way street.


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